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Whatever service you provide to customers—financial, SaaS, IT support, staffing, consulting, etc.—you need the appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) to build trust. However, many claim that if people trust one another, why do they need a written agreement, and who will read it anyhow? While it’s true that no one likes to read a formal […]
The modern business landscape relies heavily on technology, and an efficient IT service desk is essential for keeping an organization’s operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, IT service desks can often become overwhelmed with requests and unable to deliver the quality of service needed. It can lead to frustrated end-users, lost productivity, and decreased customer satisfaction. Fortunately, […]
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In 2005, I started my career as a UX designer. A few years in, I was fiercely passionate about the little things that made a piece of software friendly and usable. Before working on the designs, I wanted to understand how the product works and what it could potentially do for the customer. I felt […]
  1. Infraon Assets
Although managing assets can be a difficult chore, it is undoubtedly a crucial one. Therefore, asset management software can aid your firm in effectively managing its assets. The main objective of asset management is to increase the longevity and dependability of assets and individual components, which also has the added benefit of lowering additional costs […]
  1. Infraon Assets
Are you a company that has assets in the hundreds? Maybe even in the thousands? If so, knowing the location and operational status of your company’s physical assets is imperative. It may sound repetitive, but we can’t overstate that your company’s profitability depends on being able to identify, manage, and control all of your assets. […]
  1. Infraon Assets
Asset management is an evolving process as enterprises face increasing compliance and regulatory requirements. Enterprises also continue to expand their asset inventory as part of their growth and work with multiple vendors and third parties. This diverse range of assets is best managed with a centralized asset management platform that covers asset monitoring, including accurate […]
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  2. ITOps
Quality of Service (QoS) uses methods or technologies on networks to control traffic and ensure the performance of critical applications with limited network capacity. It enables organizations to adjust their overall network traffic by prioritizing specific high-performance applications. Your internet connection is like a highway where different types of vehicles travel to reach their destination. […]
  1. Helpdesk Software
Having a unified central help desk system has multidimensional benefits for businesses. Helpdesk software offers a robust solution by creating a definite workflow to raise tickets and seek interventions.  This is much better than having disparate systems with no role definitions as such.  Customer interactions help cement relations, ultimately contributing to brand building in a […]
  1. ITOps
  2. Uptime Monitoring Software
Uptime is defined as the time during which the system is functioning well without any failures. Uptime monitoring is the standard of the metric measured in percentage that determines the reliability or stability of the system. The long uptime for any system is good as it works efficiently and doesn’t require any administrative assistance or […]
  1. Server Management Software
With technologies like multi-cloud environments fueling the growth and operations of all global businesses, these servers must remain in their best possible condition.  Businesses have moved towards automating the performance monitoring of their system health through dedicated software called Server Management Software.  Server management software helps businesses optimize their existing IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it also […]
  1. Software License Management
Software license violations account for some of the harshest penalties in the current era. Afraid of the repercussions, businesses have started ensuring compliance with the licensing norms before using the software.  However, managing the ever-increasing number of licenses becomes challenging with the growing dependence on software-based automation.  It is here that software license management tools […]
  1. Infraon Assets
The process of managing software assets has become challenging. It requires a lot of work to track each asset’s lifecycle, from the time it has been acquired and installed until renewal or disposal, given the number of software programs even small-sized businesses utilize. IT, Ops, and business teams are under increased pressure to manage their […]
  1. Infraon Assets
As an IT solution provider, you must walk a fine line between generating revenue and maintaining your team while providing the best possible service for your clients. However, you must have a sufficient budget and develop long-term strategies to attain all of these. Furthermore, when you’re operating on a break-fix model, all these tasks can […]
  1. ITOps
  2. Network Monitoring System
Links are the plugs, sockets, cables, and electrical signals travelling through a network. Every link implies a function. At the hardware level, electronic signals activate functions; data are read, written, transmitted, received, checked for error, etc. At the software level, instructions activate the hardware (access methods, data link protocols, etc.). At higher levels, the data […]