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An all-in-one
suite for enterprises of all sizes to accelerate IT Operations

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Using Multiple Vendors To Modernize Different Parts Of Your Business? You’re Probably Familiar With These Problems.

Disparate & time-confusing workflows make it a nightmare to rely on different vendors to tackle different challenges

Managing contract software negotiations, renewals, cancellations, etc., for each product seems like a full-time job.

Defining, authorizing & tracking all compliance risks across the enterprise is a myth

Hiring external certified teams is playing havoc on internal budgets

Give users the UI familiarity to quickly & seamlessly switch between assets, incidents, support tickets, and customer information.

Remotely define, authorize & track all the compliance risks across the enterprise.

Embark on a single vendor journey with on-demand scalability & affordable licensing costs.

Equip IT & non-IT teams to digitally transform on one platform with no external support.

Enter Infraon Infinity - A Fully Integrated, SaaS-Based & AI-Powered Product Suite

Reduce go-live time by 45%. Boost troubleshooting by 50%. Save up to 40% by consolidating time spent to identify, implement & operate.

Other Features

  • Effortlessly bring in any IT assets

  • Auto discover IT assets & services or load non-IT assets to a single CMDB

  • Select assets & services for real-time availability & performance monitoring

  • Manage all genuine issues as incidents with inbuilt workflows

  • Get single-click analytics & reporting

  • Receive instant alerts & notifications

  • Get a complete analysis of capacity and usage patterns

Integrate, simplify & accelerate IT & customer journeys

Implement, integrate & modernize at a blazing-fast speed

Infraon Infinity’s suite of products offers consistent admin UI and workflows with reusable templates to minimize the time taken for implementation and integration.

Don’t get bogged down or exposed to risks with costly ‘rip and replace’ IT projects; deploy a remote SaaS platform to manage your end-to-end IT and non-IT and network ecosystem.

Unify data management & extract actionable business insights

Infraon Infinity harnesses AI and ML to let you do more with data than ever before. Streamline and strengthen how you manage data that gets generated from unified workflows. But that’s just half the job.

This all-in-one platform uses cutting-edge algorithms to transform cross-functional information into actionable and intuitive insights.

Give users an interactive & intuitive dashboard they will love

Infraon Infinity puts your users in the front seat of accelerating day-to-day tasks with UI-friendly dashboards that come with multi-department visibility.

Spot anomalies, inaccuracies, or inefficiencies with easy-to-understand data visualization and predefined templates.

No more dealing with multi-vendor blues

Discover more accountability, transparency, and support in the vendor journey

Use exclusive training modules to increase employee adoption of tools

Eliminate the risk of system disruptions during integrating new capabilities

Scale and modernize based on your unique business goals

Get powerful tools with niche capabilities on a single platform

Receive continuous upgrades & new features to be more competitive