Integrated platform for
MSPs to exceed Client Expectations

PSA and RMM Integrated platform for
MSPs to exceed Client Expectations

An Affordable Gen-AI Powered ITSM and ITOM Solution for MSPs: Deliver Exceptional Services and Boost Your Bottom Line.

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Streamlining Modernization and Management Challenges for MSPs

MSPs tend to face headaches like downtimes and delays during modernizing and managing client infrastructure. Also, ensuring seamless deployment, driving user adoption, and generating ROI can be hard if multiple ITOps tools are used.

Infraon Infinity offers integrated modules to scale modernization efforts based on unique needs and manage networks, devices, etc., without breaking a sweat.

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Professional Service Automation (PSA)

Use Infraon MSP’s all-in-one Professional Service Automation (PSA) capabilities and seamlessly integrate key features to improve IT service quality, manage projects, and more without any oversights. Better allocate resources and automate routine tasks, reducing errors and saving time, enabling higher client satisfaction and more profitability.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Optimized resource allocation, ensuring the right person with the right skill is assigned to the right task at the right time

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Detailed availability and performance insights to make informed decisions and identify improvement areas

Preemptive Solutions

Proactive issue resolution to address issues before they cause damage and create a stronger IT ecosystem for clients

Effortless Scalability

Scalability to accommodate increasing workload and manage a larger client base without skyrocketing admin overheads

Incubate an automation-led,
client-first mindset

Gen-AI powered ITSM

Unlock automation power to stay on top of client-critical ITSM tasks like service delivery, incident management, request management, change management problem management, release management etc. Track, prioritize, and manage client issues while increasing resolution efficiency and speed with full service transparency – all through a single dashboard.

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Automated Project Management

Intelligently plan, execute, and monitor client projects, ensuring that each one stays on track and within budget. Immediately start using powerful project management features like task assignment, progress tracking, resource management, etc., with automated and collaborative workflows.

Contract Management

Simplify and speed up how you manage client contracts without facing compliance issues or legal risks. Easily track contract terms, deliverables, and renewal dates with automated, streamlined workflows, ultimately strengthening client relationships and minimizing any revenue leakage.

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Billing Management

Make the whole invoicing process more accurate, simpler, and faster by automating billing cycles. Monitor billable hours and generate invoices to improve financial operations, reduce errors, and focus on delivering great client services and less on repetitive admin tasks.

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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get out of the ‘break-fix model’ mindset and effortlessly manage client infrastructure, no matter the size, with Infraon MSP’s proactive RMM capabilities. Ensure network reliability across diverse business needs with automated deployment, high user adoption, and maximized asset ROI in this new era of remote work.

Efficiency through

Reduced manual intervention to save time and resource costs - focusing more on higher-value tasks

Streamlined IT

Centralized monitoring and management to oversee multiple client environments from a single dashboard

Seamless Remote

Remote access and management of client systems to perform updates, troubleshoot issues, etc., without physical presence

Elevated Client

Better service with fewer disruptions, leading to increased client satisfaction and long-term relationships

Achieve remote peace of mind
while managing client infra

Remote Monitoring

Monitor network performance to locate bottlenecks, adhere to SLA deadlines, and provide high-quality IT services. Decrease MTTR for client networks and accelerate problem-solving and decision-making so that service delivery interruptions can be significantly reduced.

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Asset Management

Get complete visibility into all assets of clients and easily manage their end-to-end lifecycles, from requisition to disposal or retirement, with fully integrated capabilities. Automate asset discovery so that all IT hardware and software (including unmanaged devices) are accounted for without overspending.

Remote Desktop

Leverage a unified, intuitive dashboard to remotely manage devices like laptops, servers, etc., on clients’ networks. Equip your teams with prebuilt accelerators and templates to identify and troubleshoot any IT-related issues – anywhere, anytime.

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Reporting and Analytics

Effortlessly track and analyze key performance indicators, resource utilization, IT events, and service delivery metrics with Infraon MSP's robust Reporting and Analytics.

Gain actionable insights to make data-driven decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and showcase the value of your MSP services through concise reports within a streamlined and user-friendly interface.

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  • Ticket Management

  • Request Management

  • Change Management

  • Problem Management

  • Release Management

  • Contract Management

  • Document Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Service Level Agreement(SLA)

  • Workflow Automation

  • IT Asset Management

  • Software Asset Management

  • Availability Monitoring

  • Network Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring

  • Application Monitoring

  • Hypervisor Monitoring

  • Network Topology

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Consolidated CMDB

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