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Helpdesk software

Helpdesk experience can be a make or break moment

Customers tend to get frustrated when those who support them are frustrated! So, unless CXOs ensure that agents and business teams can collaborate, it can trigger broken helpdesk experiences.

Plus, with multiple channels and remote expectations, delayed resolutions and unmet KPIs cause service disasters.

Happy Helpdesk Operators

Your CX team's performance is impacted by these 3 challenges:

Remote Pressures

56% of companies will have most support teams working from home in 2 years.

CX Expectation

60% of the companies think they give customers what they want, but 68% of the customers disagree.

Agent turnover

73% of CX leaders said agent turnover was their most significant issue.

Bringing in multiple tools can’t fix your service issues

A giant helpdesk myth is that the more tools – the merrier. In reality, it ends up causing bigger problems. On the one side, the lack of data insights slows down resolution time. On the other side, business users get lost in a sea of features.

  • Agents are dealing with repetitive tasks – causing delayed resolutions and reducing customer satisfaction.

  • The helpdesk ecosystem is becoming more complex as agents and internal teams struggle to interact and collaborate with ease.

  • The lack of proactive service measures triggers generic support responses across channels.

  • Hiring costly resources or implementing time-consuming processes sounds like trouble.

Helpdesk tool used to fix issues

Use prebuilt AI-driven workflows with ML/NLP algorithms to accelerate resolutions.

Harness a single source of customer analytics to provide personalized responses.

Easily share problem-solving responsibilities and improve KPIs - CSAT, FCR, CES, etc.

Empower all business users to use a helpdesk platform that requires no external support.

A fully integrated customer delight platform that support teams will love

Infraon Helpdesk is a fully integrated ticket management platform to empower agents and business teams to work together and offer personalized customer support journeys. Leverage features like integrated field support, email to the ticket, ticket creation via WhatsApp, AI-driven chatbots, and self-service portals to ace your helpdesk goals.

How we enabled one of India’s largest ISPs to discover customer performance visibility

  • Central monitoring of thousands of links (corporate & end customers)

  • Customer-specific co-relation and root cause analysis

  • Integrated ITSM for central ticket management

Employees trying to increase customer experience rating

Increase FCR by

Accelerate customer support
efficiency by 20%-30%.

Save up to 40% by consolidating multiple capabilities.

Other Features

  • Smart grid UI to manage and analyze support tickets

  • Approve, assign, and resolve tickets in real-time with automated workflows

  • Deploy a knowledgebase to with an intelligent review system

  • Track & monitor agent performance with enhanced supervisor capabilities

  • Sync up multiple helpdesk teams and full service technicians

Man pointing features of Infraon

Deliver seamless & super-fast
multi-channel customer delight

Connect The Dots With A Cost-Effective Support Ecosystem

Infraon Helpdesk is a feature-rich yet low-code platform to deliver enriched customer service journeys. You can unify your customers, agents, and internal teams to drive seamless support experiences. Even if you don’t have a big budget, you get an extremely affordable, world-class solution to dynamically manage support tickets.

Cost-effective helpdesk tool
avoids the complexities with Infraon Helpdesk

Stop Treating Ticket Management Like It’s Rocket Science

Infraon Helpdesk avoids the complexities that haunt other such products with a simple and intuitive web UI. It can increase agent efficiency and enable proactive customer support experiences without the hassles of dealing with a maze of features or poor data visualization. Instead, your agents can spend more time on increasing customer satisfaction.

Ensure Top-Speed ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ Customer Delight

Infraon Helpdesk comes equipped with complete mobile accessibility for starting or continuing support-related conversations. You can also use cutting-edge features like Email to Ticket, Ticket Creation via WhatsApp and AI- driven Chatbots to improve customer delight, no matter where they are.

improve customer delight with Infraon Helpdesk

Our Product Suite is GDPR-Compliant

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and
our SaaS-based product suite is fully committed to protecting the data of our customers
as per the recent standards.

All our products are certified SOC-2

Infraon’s product suite is SOC2 certified – meeting world-class standards for data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

24X7X365 threat monitoring to identify all issues

Anomaly alerts to eliminate likelihood of threats

Actionable analytics to improve security governance

Compliance badge

Make deployment & usage a breeze

AI accelerators for blazing-fast deployment

Use exclusive training modules to increase tool adoption

Scale your service coverage during unexpected or seasonal service spikes

Get easy access to propriety ITSM, NMS, and Asset Management tools under the Infraon umbrella

Your peace of mind is our utmost priority

  • Dedicated sales account manager with supported technician team for smooth product evaluation

  • Certified team for smooth onboarding

  • Post-delivery account manager

  • 24/7 customer support

Dashboards and reports for IT, Hardware, and Software Assets


Customer support tools are the nervous system of a customer experience. These tools act as a link between your business and your customers. Customers communicate with the companies using the channels of their choice, which now represents a host of technologies to connect to your tech stack. But it is very crucial to understand which tool is perfect for business, and it’s not an easy task. So if you’re confused regarding the best customer support tool for your business? Worry not; we got you covered!

With Infraon Helpdesk, you’ll:

Get better insights and analytics for better decision-making.

Match the right agent with the correct ticket.

Get to track and observe agent performance.

Customer support software is not expensive, but it may produce excellent results and save money. You can try out the tools for free before deciding whether or not to purchase them. If the tool would benefit your organization. Before choosing customer support software, keep both of these issues in mind.

Customer support software is a multiple channel instrument like messaging, emails, chats, and self-service channels. It helps you communicate effectively with your customers and coworkers, organize and manage the tickets, solve customer requests and queries efficiently, and deliver a better customer experience. Some packages eye on managing leads and maximizing sales, while others come with help desk facilities that help your business by finding bugs and problems in the system to ensure that customer issues are solved and completely satisfied.

Here are some of the advantages of using customer service software:

Providing more value to the customer.

Ease of communication and contact with the customer and the coworker.

Help and support 24 hours a day.

Enhancement in efficiency.

Reduction in operational costs.

Ensuring that all the service goals are met.

Identifying user problems or dissatisfactions.

Upsell existing clients.

Improve customer experience.

Growing leads effectively.

There are five main types of customer service software available in the market. You can implement more than one of these software for your business, depending on the size and complexity of your business.

Messaging and chatbox tools: If you’re thinking of making your support accessible but do not want a full-fledged help desk, messaging and chatbox tools are the right fit for you.

Customer relationship management: CRM gathers information about prospective customers into a database to help companies find strong leads, personalize communication and carry out marketing efforts.

Shared inbox software: Shared inbox is a unified space where team members can access duplicate emails. It allows collecting multiple accounts, helping the team work together, and responding to queries, complaints, and questions.

Knowledge bases: For a customer, certain products might be tricky to understand and use; This is where a knowledge base can help. Knowledge bases allow the staff and employees to post tricks, tips, and other information in a searchable and easy-to-understand format for the customers.

Service/Help desk software: If a customer has some grievance or issue, they can raise a ticket to get help using the Service/Helpdesk software.