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AIOps - Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

A platform-centric AI/ML-driven approach for centralizing and processing huge amounts of IT-related data from disparate sources. Empower multiple teams to be more responsive to outages and slowdowns and get bi-directional connectivity with ITSM technologies.

Event Correlation & Noise Reduction

Anomaly Deduction

Alarm Prediction

Capacity Planning

Business Service Impact Analysis

Advanced Diagnosis Bots

What exactly is AIOps?

AIOps tackles daily IT operational issues at scale by leveraging diverse technological techniques, including ML, network science, combinatorial optimization, and other computational approaches. AIOps allows businesses to address a wide range of IT management operations, from intelligent alerting, alert correlation, and alert escalation to auto-remediation, root-cause investigation, and capacity optimization.

Infaron AIOps - Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

Why You Need Infraon AIOps Now More Than Ever

fixed asset lifecycle management

Proactive IT Operations

Use a disciplined framework for proactively streamlining processes, resources, personnel, information, and communication. Manage everything 24/7 by continuously examining, improving, and optimizing operations.

fixed asset lifecycle management

Intelligent Event Management

Establish processes that reduce the unnecessary noise you experience when incidents occur. Stay focused, along with your groups, and experience fewer interruptions when resolving issues.

fixed asset lifecycle management

Process Automation

Trigger powerful automated actions - customized to overcome complexities of modern IT ecosystems. Ensure a closed loop of discovery, analysis, detection, prediction, and automation.

Infrastructure Management | EverestIMS

Features Highlights

Software Metering - IT Asset Management Software Features

Noise Reduction and Advanced Event correlation

Identify all genuine alarms and suppress noises that daily consume a lot of the network operator’s time using AI/ML technologies.

Asset Spend Analysis - IT Asset Management Software Features

Anomaly Deduction

Identify actual data points based on raw historical data and extract possible minimum and maximum values.

Assets Life cycle management - IT Asset Management Software Features

Alarm Prediction

Predict future data for all configured parameters with an advanced AI engine – cutting across all the business service or device statistics.

Fixed Assets and Spare Management - IT Asset Management Software Features

Contextual Awareness

Connect notifications to issues affecting IT services. Use service maps and a topology explorer to better understand business impact.

Manage Software Licenses - IT Asset Management Software Features

Actionable Automation

Manage alarms before they occur using predictive insights - with machine data analytics to help run more efficient IT operations.

Agentless IT Hardware Assets - IT Asset Management Software Features

Capacity Planning

Meet hardware capacity demands by predicting upgrades for increasing CPU, memory, or storage capacity.

Location Tracking and Auditing - IT Asset Management Software Features

Advanced Event Relation

Perform analysis on inventory /topology data, historical incidents, and event generation time to identify related events - undetected by regular monitoring.

Expected Future Expenses - IT Asset Management Software Features

Micro Bots

Enable interactive human-bot conversations through Natural Language Processing – with specific use-case automation options.

Asset Spend Analysis - IT Asset Management Software Features

Unified Analysis

Get richer and deeper insights across your tool stack and un-complicate your increasingly modern IT operations.

Expected Future Expenses - IT Asset Management Software Features

Prompt Resolution

Route critical alerts to IT personnel through appropriate communication channels and the most up-to-date on-call schedules.

Reduce Costs & Expenses - IT Asset Management Software Features

Custom Integration

Build your own integration to any data source for full observability and collaboration.

Reduce Costs & Expenses - IT Asset Management Software Features

Incident Remediation

Prevent costly service disruptions and handle repeated issues at scale with IT process automation.

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