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Most enterprises have a lot of equipment and assets that require routine maintenance, if it is done over time, asset performance starts to decline, and asset breakdown risks rise. The work order process is necessary for maintenance since accurate tracking of the work is very important. It takes a lot of work to process, prioritize, […]
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When you buy a service, it’s crucial to be able to access it any time of day or night. In the world of enterprise IT, however, you can’t always guarantee these levels of quality. Organizations have to evaluate the service levels necessary for running their business smoothly. And when there are IT outages, they know […]
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The tech industry has been scrambling to set the major security flaw in logging software to rights. The Apache Log4j vulnerability caught security teams across the globe entirely off guard. This vulnerability is easy to exploit, giving the threat actors a simple way to control Java-based web servers and launch code execution attacks. Log4j is […]
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