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“Robust product with great technical support!!”

Infraon ITSM has a faster implementation process compared to similar products in this category. It started providing quick support on the second day itself.

Sagar S.

Manager, Managed Services Delivery (North)

“The ITSM dashboard is very user friendly”

The ITSM dashboard is very user friendly. The UI looks decent with different attributes combined well on a single dashboard. The primary benefit of this solution is - you can configure all the process as per your requirements.

Chinmay C.

Assistant Manager IT operations

“Infraon ITSM is easier to understand and access”

This product makes it easier to understand and resolve incoming tickets. The bar graphs provided in this solution show how many tickets arrive each hour, making it simple to track and analyze ticket numbers.

Chethan M.


Our Product suite is

Certified by SOC2

Must-Have Features To
Control IT Expenses

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage complete lifecycle workflows, including planning, acquiring, implementing, maintaining, and retiring – lower the total cost of ITAM.


Actionable Cost Analysis

Get deep insights, with granular cost breakdowns, into IT asset spending to improve strategic lifecycle planning and internal budgeting.


Software Asset Management

Simplify how you purchase, deploy, maintain & dispose of IT software components – reduce the time and effort involved.


Essential Components to
get Maximum Asset ROI

IT Hardware Asset Management

Monitor physical assets like laptops, desktops, servers, etc. – improve budgeting efficiency and asset compliance.


Vendor Management

Ensure high-performance of vendors with real-time KPI-based insights – eliminate contract oversights.


Asset Allocation Workflow

Leverage automated workflows to allocate the right asset to the right user/location/department – achieve high asset traceability.


Key Elements for Tracking
IT Assets

Location Management

Track real-time location and status of IT assets across teams, functions, regions, or premises – maximize asset availability.


Agent & Agentless Asset Discovery

Deploy agents or the agentless feature to extract insights like usage data – avoid losing network quality/availability.


Network Discovery

Quickly identify and catalog all the devices connected to the network to maintain up-to-date inventory, ensure asset utilization, enhance compliance, etc.


Access Control (Field-Level, Role-Based)

Enable least privilege access privileges to IT assets with authentication & authorization protocols – avoid compliance risks.


Control All Hardware & Software Assets
With An Integrated Platform

Reclaim Business Efficiency With Total Asset Control

Infraon Assets simplifies asset management for both IT and non-IT assets, streamlining lifecycles, optimizing usage, enhancing compliance, and ensuring business continuity.

Go From Paperless To Spreadsheet-Less

Infraon Assets goes beyond spreadsheets, offering integrated data views with BI insights for smarter decision-making. Plus, choose between agent-based or agentless deployment hassle-free.

Get Clear Insights On Measurable Asset ROI

Infraon Assets enables ROI insights on spending, maintenance, and replacements, helping make informed decisions and showcase measurable ROI to finance departments.

Introducing Our Asset
Depreciation Calculator 📉

Optimize your financial planning with our latest tool!
Easily calculate asset depreciation and make informed
decisions for your business.

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For small teams to plan and track work more efficiently


Final Price: $1,630/yearly

for 1000 assets with 10 user

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All the features in the Essential Plan

  • Hardware Asset Management

  • Spare Management

  • Assets Tracking

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

  • QR Code and Bar Code support


For organizations focusing on Hardware Asset Management


Final Price: $3,490/yearly

per 1000 asets with 10 user

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All from Essential and...

  • IT Asset Management

  • IT Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Software Asset Management

  • Software Black & Whitelisting

  • Compliance reports


For organization focusing on agent-based IT Asset Management


Total: $5,240/yearly

for 1000 assets with 10 users

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All from Standard and...

  • CMDB

  • Asset Relationship

  • Agent-less Asset Management

  • Asset Discovery

  • Server Asset Management


For organizations focusing on end-to-end IT Asset Management. (Both Agent and Agent-less).
Please contact us for customized prices.

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