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Customer Centric Digital OSS System

High Scale and Customized Products for Every Telecommunicaiton Networks

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Features that makes Infraon OSS

Leverage a fully integrated suite

Overcome network operator obstacles

Adopt a customer-centric model

High Scale And Customized Products For Every Telecommunicaiton Networks

Leverage A Fully Integrated Suite

Swiftly manage multiple solutions across different vendors with a centralized and easy-to-use console.

Overcome Network Operator Obstacles

Get data-rich insights to address network, fault, performance, resource, and change management challenges.

Adopt A Customer-Centric Model

Manage hybrid networks (legacy and virtualized), as well as software-defined and self-organizing networks for easy customer enablement.

Feature Highlights

Unified Inventory

Central CMDB
Network Agnostic
Domain Agnostic
Complete Life Cycle Management

Unified Fault Management

Real Time fault detection
Faults from across domain
Automated incident
Unified Dashboard Console

Unified Performance Management

Data collection thru EMS / NMS & Direct communication
Configurable collection frequency
Combined View of all the domains


Performance Threshold Breach Alarms
Component Level Threshold tuning
ML enabled Threshold Base lining

Cross Domain Correlation

Detailed Root Cause Analysis
Topological Relation based and Rule based Correlation
Engine works across the domain and identify RCA

NE Configuration & Provisioning

End to end provisioning from the beginning Periodic OS Image, Configuration Backup and Change alert

Service Provisioning

Resource Reconciliation & Feasibility Check End to end Service Provisioning across the Domain Network Elements

Service Assurance

Detailed CoS / QoS Monitoring
Customer related Experience Monitoring and
SLA Management

Smart Analytics

Reporting & Dashboards
Forecast Prediction
Customer Insights
Capacity Planning
Decision Making

Key Use Cases

  • EMS/IMS Integration

  • MPLS Management

  • RF Management

  • UNMS

  • RAN/5G/4G

  • Wi-Fi & Edge

  • IoT

  • VSAT Microwave

  • SD-WAN Management

  • GPON Management

  • Tower Management

  • Fiber Core(SDH, ASON Etc)

Knowledge And Resource Centre

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