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If your company has more than a few employees, and if even one of you is the designated “IT guy,” you’re already applying ITSM in a small way. But as your company expands, you need to bring in more mature processes to derive the most benefits from your ITSM investment. Therefore, effective IT sinervice management has become vital to guarantee long-term success. While having an in-house professional IT team can address your customer’s queries and provides the resolution of any IT incidents, there are many hours in the day that requires continuous IT support. To that end, ITSM tools can provide your internal and external customers with 24/7 access to a dedicated service desk and deliver an exceptional service experience. 

From establishing clear dependency mapping, and identifying service issues to automating incident response and change management, ITSM can serve as a single point of contact between employees and customers. The right ITSM processes in place can streamline service delivery, automate repetitive tasks, better connect with employees, and help drive your business productivity. But with so many big names in the ITSM world, it can become cumbersome to navigate your way and find the right match for your business-specific requirements.

To reduce your hassle, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven ITSM tools that can transform your IT support efficiency. 

BMC Remedy 

BMC Remedy is a service management tool that automates the ITIL process in the modern era. It is built on a robust platform of an Action Request System. It supports several types of service tickets, which allow users to create requests that are routed to other systems within an organization. This comprehensive ITSM solution includes a variety of applications such as incident management, change management, and service request management. It assists organizations in streamlining their IT operations and reducing their IT spending. 


Freshservice is a unified service management solution that provides a modern approach to ITSM through its simple and intuitive tools. It uses zero-code workflows and robust automation to eliminate the need for manual and repetitive processes while enabling you to dedicate more time and resources to strategic initiatives. In addition, it provides extra resources to address any required regulations while ensuring compliance issues are being tackled. 

Infraon ITSM 

Infraon ITSM is a fully integrated and ready-to-use platform that can accelerate and improve your entire asset management and IT service management journey. It has the rare distinction of being certified as ITIL V4 compatible for 13 processes by Pink Elephant. Powered by the latest AI technologies, this customizable platform can automate repetitive tasks to improve workforce productivity, enable change management, deploy a self-service portal, and more with AI/ML power. What makes Infraon ITSM stands apart is – it equips your DevOps, IT, and business teams with workflow automation to respond to incidents or other issues 24X7. 


With its aesthetically appealing ticketing system and advanced reporting capabilities, InvGate can enable your agents to give better service by prioritizing problems based on SLA, urgency, and department. It also includes gamification and a knowledge library to help IT support professionals enhance their knowledge and resolve incidents faster. Also, it provides a visual workflow designer which allows you to define automated workflows to manage requests more efficiently. 

Jira (Atlassian)  

Jira Service Management, being one of the top IT management tools, allows many business departments, from IT to HR, to set up a service desk and manage user queries. With its no-code automation engine, teams can save time and boost power by automating any task or process with a few clicks. It allows your employees to use an internal self-service site to discover answers to their fundamental questions. Its knowledge base, Confluence, can surface relevant information to assist employees in finding solutions without the need for agent participation. 

Manage Engine

ManageEngine’s ITSM is an ITIL-ready help desk software that provides faster ticket resolution and increased availability of IT services, resulting in a more organised IT department. It includes all of the essential ITSM processes, such as incident, knowledge, problem, change, project, and asset management, as well as a CMDB module. Apart from a host of essential service desk capabilities, it provides the best practice ITSM workflows, powerful integrations with IT management apps, smart automation, extensive reporting capabilities, as well as codeless customizations. Deployable on the cloud and on-premises, this ITSM tool offers great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues while ensuring no downtime. 


ServiceNow is another robust IT service management tool that can assist your team in identifying, tracking, and resolving high-impact incidents while also increasing agent efficiency. With this, you can automatically categorize and route issues to the appropriate resolution team. With its service level management capabilities, you can also define business expectations from the outset and receive visibility into your IT team’s service commitments. 

Bottom Line 

With the right ITSM software, you can empower your team to operate at their best. When your team performs at its best, customers will have a better experience and are more likely to do business with you. Hence, take the time to research and vet your options properly. Also, consider your present and future needs, and prioritize ITSM tools that can scale with you and meet the demands of both customers and agents. 

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