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Knowledge Management 

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Manage service requests with  AI-driven collaboration

Infraon ITSM’s Knowledge Management feature enhances how you create, collect, share, utilize, and manage meaningful IT service-related information.

Organize articles in accessible formats, identify outdated articles, transform support emails into helpful articles, etc. Bring together your ITOps teams, invite clients/stakeholders as guests, and more.

Key Knowledge Management Features

AI-Based Ticket Management 

Infraon ITSM empowers agents to handle recurring difficulties using in-depth AI-powered knowledge base materials like articles, videos, etc. You can also enhance future resolutions by updating the knowledge library with valuable articles. 

Advanced Search Capabilities 

Infraon ITSM comes with intelligent search capabilities that allow agents and administrators to quickly locate the right resource in a vast knowledge base repository. You can unlock collaborative workflows to direct users to the appropriate resource - helping save time and effort. 

Data-Rich Reporting 

Infraon ITSM provides a knowledgebase to hold solutions to recurrent service requests. Your users can receive solution articles using a centralized, searchable knowledge base that enables simple access to up-to-date answers. It decreases technician burden, lowers expenses, and improves overall self-sufficiency. 

Other Knowledge Management Features

  • Custom Reports 

  • Custom Alerts 

  • Schedule/Report Exports

  • Customizable Fields

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export 

  • Custom Roles 

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