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Problem Management

Manage problem lifecycles with Gen AI-based root cause analysis

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Handle problems collaboratively;
prevent workspace incidents

Infraon ITSM’s problem management feature comes with Gen AI power to manage the full lifecycle of problems. Detect and get appropriate solutions to maintain digital workspace efficiency– 24X7. Use Gen AI-powered automated workflows to seamlessly prevent the recurrence of incidents and minimize the impact of service issues.

Key Problem Management Highlights

Problem Identification & Analysis

Infraon ITSM helps identify problems by detecting duplicate/recurring issues through AI-based trend analysis. Analyze data from internal/external sources, perform problem analysis, and document workarounds. Infraon ITSM also comes with the Infraon Workspace module to collaborate, assess, and unearth contributory causes.

Advanced Error Control

Infraon ITSM helps manage known errors and enables potential permanent solutions (from cost and risk POVs). Take into account the level of service delivery impact with regular error assessment so that your workspace remains as problem-free as possible.

Gen AI-Powered Dashboard

Infraon ITSM provides full visibility of your workspace’s problem management process with a Gen AI-based dashboard. Effortlessly track the resolution of existing problems in real time and make it a breeze for multiple teams to collaborate - saving a ton of time and effort.

Other Problem Management Highlights

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Ticket Management

  • Custom Alerts

  • Custom Workflows

  • Custom Roles

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