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Manage service requests with
AI-driven collaboration

Infraon ITSM’s service request management feature enables any support team member to interact with users to address their concerns – anytime, anywhere in your workspace.

Lower your IT team's total effort by harnessing AI-based collaborative workflows to eliminate repetitive tasks. Use automation to speed up how they interact with customers and keep stakeholders updated.

Key Service Request Management Highlights

Automated Ticket Prioritization

Infraon ITSM introduces an advanced priority matrix into the service request process. Your IT teams can quickly collaborate and automatically assess the importance of a request based on its effect and urgency.

Service Catalogue Management

Infraon ITSM equips you to give users comprehensive visibility into all the relevant services. Using collaborative workflows, you can design custom service request templates containing sections and resource data.

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Generative AI-Based Customer Experience

Infraon ITSM’s cutting-edge AI-powered system is designed to enhance the customer experience by boosting communication capabilities. Engage with your customers meaningfully – creating a positive impression every time and building loyalty-based relationships.

Reporting & Dashboards

Infraon ITSM simplifies the process of monitoring the lifecycle of support requests with AI-powered collaborative workflows. You can use an intuitive dashboard to spot patterns, optimize service desk operations, monitor resources, manage special assignments, etc.

Other Service Request Management Highlights

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Chatbots

  • Custom Workflows

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Custom Fields

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