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Accelerating the overall enterprise efficiency is not an easy task as you probably rely on multiple tools to communicate with customers, partners, employees, and vendors. There’s a chance that you’re already working with multiple software vendors to optimize your IT and network infrastructure. However, this can create chaos across your IT landscape – causing poor user experiences, disparate workflows, recurring IT issues, upgrading systems, and more. In the long run, constantly trying to fix, maintain, and upgrade your technology to just “make things work” will impede your business from growing. Instead, integration can resolve all your outdated and siloed systems and create a unified experience across the company. 

A reliable integrated ITSM and ITOM platform can build an enterprise-wide culture of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation by bringing together multiple teams – leading to great user experiences. From onboarding IT assets and performance monitoring to incident management, you can synchronize various IT operations and services using an integrated ITSM and ITOM platform. Also, it provides a customized approach to modernization – based on your business priorities and budgetary constraints.

Benefits of implementing an integrated ITSM and ITOM platform

Unified Data Management

Having an integrated ITSM and ITOM platform enables you to streamline the data that is generated from unified workflows. Also, it offers improved data collection while giving access to centralized dashboards for business analytics. This data can then be utilized to improve and support initiatives such as product development, marketing, and customer service.

End-to-end Asset Management

Managing hardware and software asset lifecycles is demanding while working with multiple software vendors. But, with the help of an integrated platform, you can get complete control over your asset lifecycles and maximize your asset ROI with integrated data insights. Also, it provides asset availability and performance by improving the uptime of assets and services from one location.

integrated ITSM and ITOM platform
Real-time IT Monitoring

Real-time IT Monitoring

Poor connectivity or downtime can directly affect your business. Hence, you need a platform that can tackle network issues in real-time. With an integrated ITSM and ITOM platform, you can monitor network devices that show pattern-based faults and resolve them with integrated incident management.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

With an integrated ITSM and ITOM platform, you can eliminate the spreadsheet-intensive processes while giving a stress-free approach to your internal teams. It can automate key workflows with prebuilt templates and accelerators. Also, it provides KPI-focused dashboards to accelerate deployment and streamline daily operations.

Effective SLA Management

Heterogeneous SLA management can lead to serious availability issues. An integrated ITSM and ITOM platform provide unified SLA management based on ITIL best practices. Also, it can configure protocols, set rules, and monitor at-risk asset SLAs – with support for business hours and holidays.

Easy Event Management

An integrated IT department can be more proactive, which means your IT teams are better equipped to handle all the incidents raised in the operations and services processes. With the help of an integrated platform, you can manage events seamlessly, from raising to incident conversion, troubleshooting, and resolution.

Real-time IT Updates

An integrated ITSM and ITOM platform can accelerate your business efficiency by providing multi-department visibility with qualified alerts and notifications. This immediate and continuous flow of crucial information will empower your organization in creating instantaneous, strategic action plans for the future.

Powerful Knowledge Base Management

A robust knowledge base can elevate your self-service resilience. With an integrated platform, you can get access to a portal-based knowledge management system that can sort, catalog, store & share crucial information. Also, it provides your employees and support teams with the right resources such as user manuals, articles, videos, how-to guides, and troubleshooting information.

Final Thoughts

Investing in multiple tools to manage your ITSM and ITOM processes may provide granular customization or offer value-added services you think you may need. But going with one platform that can effectively synchronize your business’s IT operations and services will be a game-changer. Hence, consider investing in an all-in-one product suite that can accelerate your enterprise efficiency.

We are coming up with a fully integrated SaaS product suite to modernize your IT operations and services management in our next release. Powered by the latest AI and ML technologies, it offers cross-product integration capabilities across your IT and network infrastructure. Also, it can bridge workforce and enterprise goals with end-to-end automation. To know what we offer currently, visit us

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