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Release Management

The process of planning, scheduling, coordinating, and deploying software
releases in a timely manner.

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What is Release Management?

Release Management is the process of planning, creating, scheduling, testing, deploying, and managing software releases. It ensures that release teams effectively deliver the apps and upgrades required by the business while maintaining the integrity of the existing production environment.

Release Management activities include:

Developing release plans.

Establishing the criteria and schedules for release.

Coordinating with development teams.

Managing testing and quality assurance.

Mitigating risks.

Communicating with stakeholders.

Deploying releases to production.

Effective Release Management reduces outages and errors to ensure that end users can access dependable and high-quality software.

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Benefits of Release Management

Improved Quality

Release Management ensures that software releases undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance tests. This helps to identify and eliminate bugs and issues before they impact end users.

Improved Collaboration

Release Management necessitates close partnership among development, testing, and operations teams, thus fostering improved communication, collaboration, and alignment towards shared objectives.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Release Management ensures that software releases are delivered on time, with the necessary features and quality. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. e service provider offers support throughout the customer journey.

Increased Efficiency

By automating certain tasks and streamlining processes, Release Management can reduce the time and effort required to deploy software releases.

Better Risk Mitigation

Release Management helps identify and mitigate risks associated with software releases, such as data loss or system downtime, lowering the probability of detrimental business impacts.

Boosts Visibility

Release Management improves visibility into the software release process, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress, identify issues, and make informed decisions.

Role of Release Management in ITIL

Release Management is one of the primary processes under the Service Transition part of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) architecture. ITIL is the most commonly used governance framework for technology products and services. It helps businesses in providing customer-centric and cost-effective services and products.

Key Features of Release Management

Release Management software is a collection of tools and processes that allow software development teams
to plan, schedule, and carry out software releases more efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the key
features of Release Management software:

Change Management

The software includes tools for handling changes to code, configurations, and other release artifacts. Changes must be recorded, evaluated, and approved before they can be included in a release.

Reporting and Analytics

The software includes reporting and analytics features, enabling teams to measure data linked to the release process. This can include cycle time, lead time, and release frequency. These metrics can help teams identify areas for growth and measure the effect of changes to the release process.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Release Management software enables teams to automate the build, test, and distribution processes, reducing errors and allowing faster releases. This function may help improve code quality and decrease the time it takes to deliver new features and corrections to customers.

Version Control and Tracking

These software tools allow teams to monitor changes to code and other artifacts over time. This makes reverting to an earlier version easier if a new update causes issues or a bug is discovered.

Release Planning and Coordination

Release Management software allows teams to plan and arrange releases, including defining release objectives, timelines, and dependencies.

Key Capabilities of Release
Management Software

Automated Tracking and Reporting

SLA Management software automates recording SLA performance parameters like response times, resolution times, and uptime and creates reports on SLA compliance.

Server management and application management
hardware asset management

Deployment Automation

Release Management tools can automate the deployment process, ensuring that the latest release is deployed consistently across all settings.d accurately.
This is especially crucial for remote teams when members operate from various places. Because of intuitive graphics, you can shift items around when needed, making it easier to adapt the system without training.

Release Tracking

Release Management software offers real-time monitoring and reporting on the release process, helping teams in identifying bottlenecks and issues as they emerge.

Server management and application management
hardware asset management


Release Management software promotes collaboration between teams by offering a central place for communication, document sharing, and employee management.

Security and Compliance

Release Management software guarantees that software releases meet security and compliance requirements by offering tools for managing access control, audit trails, and security testing.

Server management and application management
hardware asset management

Continuous Integration

Release Management software can be combined with continuous integration tools to automate the build and testing process, ensuring that code changes are tried and tested as soon as possible.

Rollback Capabilities

Release Management software allows teams to roll back software releases in case of issues or errors, ensuring that users can continue to work while issues are being resolved.

Server management and application management

Benefits of Infraon's Release
Management Software

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Automated Release Process

Infraon's Release Management Software automates the entire release process, from planning and collaboration to distribution and rollback, lowering the risk of human errors and increasing the speed and precision of releases.

Centralized Release Management

Infraon's Release Management Software offers a centralized system for handling software updates across multiple settings, allowing teams to organize and collaborate more effectively.

Customizable Workflows and Processes

Infraon's Release Management Software enables teams to adapt workflows and processes to their particular needs, ensuring that the release process is suited to the organization's needs.

Reduced Risk and Downtime

By automating the distribution process and offering rollback options in case of problems or errors, Infraon's Release Management Software lowers the risk of errors and downtime. This lessens the effect of downtime on users and helps organizations avoid costly mistakes.

Scalability and Flexibility

Infraon's Release Management Software is highly scalable and flexible, enabling businesses to handle releases for complicated, multi-tier apps across multiple environments and platforms.

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