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The complete asset
with an integrated
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Asset management inefficiency causes enterprise-wide damage

Managing multiple assets in multiple environments can be expensive, time-consuming, and largely ineffective.

Unless you can centralize your software, hardware , and IT asset lifecycles, cracks will develop between your asset spending, maintenance, and upkeep and your unique business goals.

Managing Assets

Do your asset management teams face these 3 barriers?

Too much time wasted

80% of employees waste an average of 30 minutes per day retrieving information.

Lack of meaningful data

More than 60% of IT professionals are missing key information to manage their IT assets.

Costly monitoring issues

Poor asset monitoring failures can increase costs per user by up to 10%.

Relying on multiple spreadsheets leads to multiple setbacks

Dealing with siloed lifecycles can be brutal for asset managers and owners. Considering the amount of new software and hardware, it eats up a lot of time. There are also the constant headaches of using 100s of spreadsheets and dealing with multiple vendors.

  • Managing multiple vendors to ensure software & hardware asset availability and performance is too complicated.

  • There’s a lot of asset data, but there’s no system in place to offer insights – causing poor asset purchasing decisions.

  • It’s becoming impossible to track the whereabouts of your physical assets across multiple locations.

  • Poor user verification protocols are triggering security breaches – leading to security & compliance issues.

Tools used by asset managers

Use a single all-encompassing vendor to accelerate and manage your IT & non-IT asset lifecycles.

Enable rapid-fire ‘scan/search’ for inventory endpoints with web UI & barcode support for asset tracking.

Easily extract dashboard-driven BI insights like real-time low stock alerts to drive higher asset availability.

Establish enterprise-wide compliance management while tracking asset license overflows.

A fully integrated platform to manage your entire infrastructure under one roof

Infraon Assets is an integrated, one-stop platform to manage enterprise asset lifecycles . It helps optimize IT and non-IT asset usage, increase lifetime, improve deployment, and achieve end-to-end compliance. With a single source of data insights, Infraon Assets offers near-accurate costs on replacement, refurbishment, end-of-life, and more to show ROI to finance teams

How we helped SEBI increase their IT asset visibility and optimize performance

  • Monitor complete IT infrastructure (1000s of server & network devices)

  • End-to-end event management

  • Full IT visibility for effective centralized NOC operations

Asset Monitoring tool

Minimize go-live time
by 45%.

Resolve over 80%
of IT & non-IT tickets.

Get comprehensive
asset visibility and its ROI.

Other Features

  • Rapidly scan & search all your assets with automated inventory scanning

  • Seamlessly monitor all your assets with agent or agent-less desktop scanning

  • Allow only verified users to access your assets – ensuring total compliance

  • Make sure that all IT & non-IT asset licenses are verified

  • Manage and detect changes in IT & hardware asset configurations

Man pointing features of Infraon

Control all hardware & software assets
with an integrated platform

Reclaim Business Efficiency With Total Asset Control

Infraon Assets demystifies the ownership of asset management by controlling your IT and non-IT asset lifecycles with a single powerful platform. It helps optimize your overall asset usage based on unique business goals. You can also increase asset lifetime, improve deployment, ensure compliance, and achieve business continuity during unprecedented situations.

Asset management tool
Asset Usage

Go From Paperless To Spreadsheet-Less

Infraon Assets takes the digitalization of asset management a step further by eliminating spreadsheet-intensive workflows. You get an integrated data-rich view of your assets to make the right decision at the right time with BI insights. You can also use the agent-based model or go agentless – with no deployment hassles.

Get Clear Insights On Measurable Asset ROI

Infraon Assets empowers you to understand each asset’s ROI in terms of spending, maintenance, and upkeep. You get access to potential costs about replacement, refurbishment, end-of-life, etc., to make informed purchasing decisions. You can also eliminate unnecessary expenses and show measurable ROI to finance departments.

Asset details view
Compliance badge

Do more with ITSM than ever before

Create a culture of continuous asset efficiency

Be vendor-agnostic to avoid oversights & set KPIs

Go beyond traditional IT support with an integrated and robust ITSM system

Handle requisitions, replacement & retirement

Get easy access to propriety Network Management , ITSM, and ITIM tools under the Infraon umbrella

Your peace of mind is our utmost priority

  • Dedicated sales account manager with supported technician team for smooth product evaluation

  • Certified team for smooth onboarding

  • Post-delivery account manager

  • 24/7 customer support

Dashboards and reports for IT, Hardware, and Software Assets

Our Product Suite is GDPR-Compliant

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and
our SaaS-based product suite is fully committed to protecting the data of our customers
as per the recent standards.