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Minimize service disruptions while making changes to critical systems

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Reduce incidents with integrated change management software

Infraon ITSM’s change management solution is designed to reduce incidents and ensure prompt handling of changes to your IT ecosystem. Enable swift and secure changes to reduce stress on your teams and increase time spent on service delivery.

Key Feature

Change Request

Identify the need for change and initiate the change request. The change is assessed by the responsible authority to determine if the need is valid and to decide if it should be accepted or rejected.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate the impact of the change and calculate risk with a cost-benefit analysis. The potential impact of the change request can be documented to respond to future requests.

Change Process Automation

Use automation for auto-approvals once the change is reviewed and the risk is analyzed. This cuts down delays caused by backlogs and time-consuming manual processes.

Change Approval

Streamline the approval process with shared workflows, clear documentation, and increased collaboration among the change manager, and team members.

Change Implementation

Enable change with automation to route and assign the requests down the line until it meets the standards or your business rules.


Document the change and report on its progress, if the change was a success, if it was implemented on time and within budget, etc.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

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IT change management is an ITSM process to roll out changes efficiently in your organization, from change requests to approvals and implementation.

The problem management lifecycle the following steps:

The change request is initiated by the process owner or a department unit. After evaluation, the request for change (RFC) moves to authorizations or approvals. Typically, RFC contains the details of the change, including the type, description, expected timeframe, and the justification for the change.

The change evaluation report provides the impact of change and how it can be implemented without disruption.

Change approval is based on the change request and its complexity. Approval is also based on risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis.

Change implementation is carried out by the relevant team by developing, testing, and deploying the change.

Change is closed or concluded with a post-implementation review confirming that the change has been successfully carried out.

A change request is nothing but a formal proposal submitted by a stakeholder in the enterprise via a service desk. A service user can also submit it.

Change management helps enterprises by:

Improving the alignment of IT services to business needs

Increasing visibility and improving the communication of changes between the business users and service-support staff

Improving risk assessment

Increasing productivity and providing high-quality services with zero disruption