PDQ Inventory is a powerful asset management and inventory software that has gained popularity among IT professionals for its robust features and functionality. It offers comprehensive solutions for tracking and managing software and hardware assets, automating inventory tasks, and simplifying network management. As technology evolves and new alternatives emerge, exploring other software options that offer similar or enhanced features is essential.

PDQ Inventory is designed to assist IT professionals in efficiently tracking and managing their IT Assets. PDQ Inventory does have a couple of limitations worth mentioning:

  • Limited compatibility with other operating systems such as macOS or Linux. 
  • Lacks built-in remote control capabilities. 

While it excels in inventory management and software deployment, it may not provide direct remote access to devices for troubleshooting or remote assistance. PDQ Inventory offers notable advantages in inventory tracking and software deployment, improving IT efficiency. However, its limited compatibility and the absence of built-in remote control features may pose limitations for some organizations.

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The 5 Best PDQ Inventory Alternatives 

PDQ Inventory is a comprehensive inventory management software designed to help IT professionals effectively track and manage their network assets. It offers a range of features and pricing plans to meet the diverse needs of organizations. The core features include Asset Discovery, Inventory Tracking, Custom Fields, Reporting and Analytics, etc.

We have included the five best competitors of the PDQ Inventory with the key features of each and the pros and cons of each competitor. While most asset management software has similar features, a few aspects can make a difference to your business. 

Alternatives to PDQ InventoryCore FeaturesPricing Plans
Infraon AssetsIT Asset Lifecycle Management, IT
Hardware Asset Management,
Software Asset Management, Vendor Management, Location Management,
Integrated Ticketing, Network Discovery,
Agent-Based Discovery, Access
Control, Low Stock Alerts
Starts with the
Essential plan at $15/ month/ agent
LansweeperIT asset discovery and inventory
management, Software and hardware inventory, Network scanning and
Free trial available,
Pricing available on request
Asset TigerAsset tracking and management,
Barcode scanning, Maintenance
Free plan available, Premium Plan: $99/
Asset InfinityAsset tracking and management, Maintenance management,
Depreciation tracking
Standard plan starts
at $130/ month
EZOfficeinventoryAsset tracking and management,
Barcode scanning, Check-in/check
-out, Maintenance management
Essential plan starts
at $35

Infraon Assets

Infraon Assets, PDQ Inventory

Infraon Assets is a cutting-edge asset management platform designed to streamline and optimize the management of physical assets for businesses. It offers features and benefits that help organizations effectively track, maintain, and utilize their assets while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

  • Asset Tracking: The platform provides real-time visibility into the location and status of assets, allowing businesses to track and monitor their inventory easily. This feature helps prevent asset loss, theft, or misplacement, saving time and money.
  • Maintenance Management: Infraon Assets enables proactive maintenance by scheduling and tracking routine inspections, repairs, and servicing of assets. This helps organizations minimize downtime, extend the lifespan of their assets, and optimize their performance.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: The platform facilitates efficient management of the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. It allows businesses to effectively plan for asset replacements or upgrades, ensuring optimal utilization and reducing unnecessary expenses.
Software Asset Management
  • Data Analytics: Infraon Assets leverages advanced analytics capabilities to generate valuable insights from asset-related data. Businesses can analyze asset performance, usage patterns, and maintenance records to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and optimize asset allocation.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The platform is accessible through mobile devices, enabling field personnel to easily update asset information, perform inspections, and report issues on the go. This enhances collaboration, speeds up processes, and improves overall productivity.

Infraon pricing plans

  • Essential – $49 per user/ month for 500 assets 
  • Standard – $66 per user/month for 500 assets
  • Professional – For more than 1000 Assets
  • Enterprise – End-to-end IT Asset Management. (Both Agent and Agent-less) upon request

Infraon Assets is easily the best alternative to PDQ Inventory for companies who want to automate and optimize SaaS procurement. Infraon Assets offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits that empower organizations to efficiently manage their physical assets, optimize utilization, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions to drive operational excellence.


Lansweeper, PDQ Inventory

Lansweeper is a comprehensive IT asset management and network inventory tool that provides real-time visibility into your organization’s hardware, software, and network assets.


  • Comprehensive asset management: Lansweeper offers a wide range of features for effective asset management, including automated inventory scanning, software license tracking, and network discovery. 
  • Customizable and scalable: Lansweeper is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the solution to their specific needs. It offers extensive reporting and filtering options, empowering users to generate custom reports and gain insights into their asset inventory. Additionally, Lansweeper is scalable, making it suitable for businesses of various sizes.


  • Learning curve: Lansweeper’s extensive feature set can result in a steeper learning curve, especially for users new to asset management software. The complexity of the tool may require some time and effort to fully understand and utilize its capabilities effectively.
  • Cost: While Lansweeper offers a free version with limited functionality, the full-featured version comes with a price tag. The cost of the software may be a deterrent for small businesses or organizations with tight budgets.

Asset Tiger

AssetTiger, PDQ Inventory Alternative

Asset Tiger is a user-friendly asset-tracking software that helps businesses efficiently manage their physical assets, such as equipment, tools, and inventory, with features like barcode scanning and customizable reporting.


  • User-friendly interface: Asset Tiger boasts a user-friendly interface for navigation and use. Its intuitive design allows users to quickly understand and adopt the software without requiring extensive training or technical expertise.
  • Mobile accessibility: Asset Tiger provides mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, enabling users to access and manage their asset inventory on the go. This mobile accessibility enhances flexibility and convenience, allowing users to update asset information or conduct audits using their smartphones or tablets.


  • Limited features: Asset Tiger may have limited features and functionalities compared to other asset management solutions. It may lack advanced capabilities such as automated asset discovery or software license management, which could be a drawback for organizations with complex asset management needs.
  • Integration limitations: Asset Tiger’s integration options with other software or systems may be limited. This could pose challenges for businesses that require seamless data exchange between their asset management software and other tools they use in their operations.

Asset Infinity

Infraon Infinity, PDQ Inventory Alternative

Asset Infinity is a cloud-based asset management software that allows businesses to track and manage their assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, with features like maintenance scheduling, depreciation tracking, and vendor management.


  • Cloud-based solution: Asset Infinity is a cloud-based asset management software that offers the advantage of easy accessibility. Users can access their asset inventory from anywhere with an internet connection, and the software provider handles maintenance and updates.
  • Workflow automation: Asset Infinity allows users to automate asset management workflows, such as asset tracking, maintenance schedules, and request management. This automation can improve efficiency and reduce manual effort, enabling organizations to streamline their asset management processes.


  • Limited customization options: Asset Infinity may have limited customization options compared to other asset management software. Users may not have extensive flexibility to tailor the software to their specific requirements or add custom fields, which could be a limitation for organizations with unique asset-tracking needs.
  • Pricing structure: The pricing structure of Asset Infinity may not be suitable for all organizations. It operates on a tiered pricing model based on the number of assets being managed, which means that the cost may rise significantly as the asset count increases. This could be a disadvantage for businesses with many assets or fluctuating asset counts.


Ezofficeinventory, PDQ Inventory Alternative

EZOfficeinventory is a powerful asset-tracking software that enables businesses to manage their assets, equipment, and inventory effectively. It offers features like check-in/check-out tracking, maintenance scheduling, and asset reservations, streamlining asset management processes.


  • User-friendly and intuitive: EZOfficeinventory offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their asset inventory. The software’s straightforward design and clear labeling create a smooth user experience, reducing the learning curve.
  • Mobile app and barcode scanning: EZOfficeinventory provides a mobile app with barcode scanning capabilities, allowing users to track assets conveniently using their smartphones or tablets. By leveraging mobile technology, this feature simplifies asset management tasks, such as check-in/check-out processes and audits.


  • Reporting options: EZOfficeinventory’s reporting capabilities may be limited compared to other asset management solutions. The software offers basic reporting functionalities, but users looking for advanced reporting features or extensive customization options may find it lacking.
  • Integration limitations: EZOfficeinventory’s integration options with other software or systems may be limited. This could be a disadvantage for organizations that require seamless data exchange between their asset management software and other tools they use in their operations.

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Final words

When considering PDQ Inventory alternatives in 2023, several software options stand out. Infraon Assets, Lansweeper, Asset Tiger, Asset Infinity, and EZOfficeInventory offer unique features and capabilities. However, after careful evaluation, Infraon Assets emerges as a favorable choice. With its robust asset management features, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and user-friendly interface, Infraon Assets provides an all-encompassing solution for efficient inventory management.

Whether you need to track hardware, software, or licenses or perform automated scans and audits, Infraon Assets delivers a seamless experience.  While other alternatives have their merits, Infraon Assets combines functionality, ease of use, and versatility, making it the top choice for organizations seeking a reliable and efficient PDQ Inventory alternative in 2023.

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