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Software License Management

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and disparate systems! Streamline your licensing processes, ensure compliance, and maximize the value of your software investments with our centralized license repository. Accessible from anywhere, it offers real-time information, simplifies license management, and facilitates collaboration across your organization.

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Avoid expired licenses & unwanted IT spending-be audit-ready

Infraon Assets SLM enables software license monitoring and eliminates wasteful spending on your expired software assets . It tracks your software assets throughout their lifecycle to ensure that all your licenses are updated and compliant with mandatory regulations.

Server management and application management
Server management and application management

What is Software License Management?

Software License Management is the systematic approach of overseeing, controlling, and optimizing the utilization of software licenses within an organization. It involves the effective management of software assets, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements, and maximizing the value of software investments.

At its core, Software License Management involves tracking and monitoring the software licenses owned by an organization, understanding the terms and conditions of those licenses, and ensuring that software usage aligns with the licensing agreements. It encompasses activities such as license procurement, deployment, tracking license usage, managing license renewals, and maintaining compliance with software vendors' requirements.

What are the types of
software license?

There are various types of software licenses that
organizations can acquire based on their specific
needs and preferences. Here are the most common
types of software licenses:

Perpetual License

A perpetual license grants the user the right to use the software indefinitely. Once purchased, the license does not have an expiration date, and the user can continue to use the software version they have indefinitely. However, perpetual licenses often come with limited or no access to software updates and support, which may be available separately.

Subscription License

A subscription license provides the user with the right to use the software for a specific period, typically on a monthly or annual basis. It allows access to the latest software updates and support during the subscription period. Subscription licenses are renewable and offer flexibility, as users can choose to continue or discontinue their subscription based on their needs.

Volume License

A volume license is designed for organizations that require multiple software licenses for their users. It allows organizations to purchase a large number of licenses at a discounted price. Volume licenses typically provide centralized management and deployment capabilities, making it easier to administer software across multiple devices or users within the organization.

Trial License

A trial license, also known as an evaluation or demo license, allows users to try out the software for a limited period before making a purchase decision. It provides a time-limited version of the software with full or limited functionality, giving users an opportunity to assess its suitability for their needs.

SaaS License

SaaS (Software as a Service) licenses are associated with cloud-based software delivery. Instead of purchasing and installing the software on local machines, users access and use the software through a web browser or dedicated application. SaaS licenses typically involve a subscription model where users pay for ongoing access to the software, along with updates and support services.

Infraon offers SaaS license which can simplify and streamline the complex process of managing software licenses within organizations. With a focus on efficiency, compliance, and cost optimization, Infraon provides a comprehensive platform that helps businesses effectively track, monitor, and optimize their software license usage.

Feature Highlights

Centralized Tracking of Software Licenses

Track and record software licenses from all the sites and locations and access key information such as the expiration date, license type, number of purchases, and availability.

Software Licenses And Costs

Stay on top of software license data, including contract expiry dates, renewal dates, increased users, and the general cost trend across different software products and vendors.

Software License Compliance

Track your software assets in real-time and minimize compliance risks. Track contract history and ensure up-to-date maintenance and compliance.

Integrated Ticketing

Unify IT ticket management with an inbuilt ticketing system that offers multi-channel support with intelligent self-service options.


Track your software licenses used throughout your business, with total visibility to manage licenses and renewals efficiently and eliminate redundant costs.

Software License History Tracking

Track your software licenses based on their historical data, find usage trends and make data-driven decisions on licenses and contracts.

Dashboards and reports for IT, Hardware, and Software Assets

Key Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

Our Product Suite is GDPR-Compliant

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and
our SaaS-based product suite is fully committed to protecting the data of our customers
as per the recent standards.

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Software licensing management involves the tracking and documenting of your software assets. It allows your vendors to evaluate how the software is used and ensure that all agreements are up-to-date and according to the right terms and conditions.

Your enterprise needs a robust SLM tool to ensure software optimization and reduced costs. As part of the IT asset management solution, software license management keeps track of the number of users and when it is time for renewal with automatic alerts, thereby saving time and effort.

SLM is a part of the overall IT asset management solutions. SLM can help maintain the documentation integral to all licensing agreements. It also includes reducing and controlling IT expenditure in the organization. Using an effective SLM tool, you can avoid penalties from overdue license renewals and ensure compliance with the end-user license agreements.

SLMs are important because they ensure that the number of licenses used by your business is aligned with what you need eliminating over or under-provisioning. They also ensure compliance and prevent additional costs or fines due to changes in contractual terms. They help remove unauthorized software from your IT ecosystem.

Asset management solutions include Asset Lifecycle Management , IT Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Software License Management, Fixed Asset Management, Vendor Management, Location Management, Integrated Ticketing, Network Discovery, etc.