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Untangle your network topology with the power of Infinity

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Strengthening network topology is often seen as a cumbersome process that has different teams operating in silos. But understanding how network devices are mapped is crucial to being able to optimize traffic flows.

Infraon Infinity offers automated network topology capabilities to get a clear picture of all your IT & non-IT devices. Unearth insights on network device mapping while monitoring the performance of your network devices.

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Auto-Discover & Map Your Devices With
Network Topology Capabilities

Network Discovery

Enrich your network topology with automated discovery rule engines, schedulers & profile managers. Discover every network device in your enterprise.

Intelligent Device Mapping

Get a graphical view of network devices & easily map relationships between processes & users. Ensure high network availability & proactive troubleshooting.

Other Features

  • Use network discovery templates

  • Conduct advanced network mapping

  • Identify changes to network topology in real-time

  • Get deep-dive network performance reports

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Manage Your Network-Related Incidents & SLAs With A Single Platform

Incident & Fault Management

Infraon Infinity recognizes that incidents and faults are inevitable in any network ecosystem. It provides an integrated system to manage IT and hardware issues.

Get automated problem diagnosis capabilities to catch network issues in real-time – with inbuilt root cause analysis to discover their sources.

SLA Management  UI

SLA Management

Infraon Infinity equips you with automated workflows to take control of all your network device SLA journeys.

Get an intuitive and interactive dashboard to configure security & compliance protocols, set rules, and monitor at-risk SLAs – with real-time insights.

Our Product Suite is GDPR-Compliant

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and
our SaaS-based product suite is fully committed to protecting the data of our customers
as per the recent standards.