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What is Asset Tracking software?

Asset tracking software is a tool used to track, monitor, and manage all assets in the enterprise. The tool is designed to help businesses keep track of their physical assets, such as equipment, tools, and inventory. It also helps businesses track where their assets are located, how they are being used, and how they perform over time. Asset tracking software ensures optimization of their asset utilization and reduces the costs associated with asset management while preventing asset loss and theft.

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What does Asset Tracking software do?

Infraon's asset tracking software tool helps businesses keep track of their physical assets in real-time and manage their asset lifecycle. The software includes features for tracking asset location, condition, and history. It consists of a barcode and QR code that is used to track the movement of the assets. The software also includes features for managing asset maintenance and repairs enabling alerts to notify you when an asset is moved or used and to track asset history.

Key benefits of Asset
Tracking software

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Increased visibility of assets

The software gives businesses a complete view of their assets, including where they are located, who is using them, and how they are being used. This increased visibility can help businesses manage their assets better and ensure they are being used efficiently.

Improved customer service

Enabling asset compliance becomes simpler when you have asset tracking software with a barcode scanner that can automatically verify adherence to regulations. You can set scan-based audits and easily find out an asset's location, assigned user, expiry date, etc.

Improved asset management

The software's asset management features, such as asset tagging, monitoring, and maintenance, can help businesses manage their assets by ensuring they are in good working condition.

Reduced operational costs

The software can help businesses reduce the costs associated with asset management, such as the costs of lost or stolen assets, with a complete view of their assets and their whereabouts.

Enhanced security

The software's asset tracking features can help businesses to enhance security by providing a complete view of their assets and their whereabouts. This can help enterprises quickly respond to security breaches and to prevent future threats.

Improved decision-making

The software provides organizations with the data they need to make informed decisions about their assets. By understanding the cost, location, and utilization of assets, organizations can make better decisions about where to allocate their resources.

Using Infraon's Asset Tracking Software Tool

Asset lifecycle tracking

The asset tracking software helps track and manage assets throughout their lifecycle. It offers a centralized view of all assets, their location, and their current status. It also includes asset tagging, Barcode/ QR code scanning, and GPS tracking. Manage assets across multiple locations and track asset movements in real-time, including asset status, availability, etc.

Centralized asset database

Use the centralized database for storing asset information, including asset location, status, and history. The web-based, user-friendly interface helps access information from any internet-connected device anywhere. It offers a complete history, including when it was acquired, where it's been, and who has used it, all from audit history.

Automated asset discovery

Use QR codes to track assets. The tool scans the QR code, and the asset's location and other information are displayed in real-time. Asset tracking software also features barcodes to track assets, so the users can view asset information, location, and status in real-time.

Customizable asset fields

Create custom asset fields for effective asset management. Use the Asset tracking software to improve your asset management processes, including asset tracking, asset reporting, asset optimization, etc. It enables tracking and viewing the specific asset by setting up alerts on asset status changes.

Tracking Software licenses

Use the automated software licensing tracking tool to help your asset managers track end-user license agreements. Use the single interactive dashboard to discover software that is installed in the workstation or servers.

Generating reports

Generate reports on your assets with real-time visibility into asset location, status, utilization, and history. Manage your asset lifecycle and reduce costs, ensuring higher ROI on asset investment.

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