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Inventory Management

Ensure auto-discovery & real-time traceability feeding to a central CMDB with inventory features

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Track All Your IT Inventory In Real-Time With Ease, Speed & Scalability

Infraon ITIM maximizes the control and visibility you have over the inventory to significantly improve IT asset lifecycle management. Get alerts and reports with a centralized dashboard to stay on top of your inventory needs.

Feature Highlights

IT Inventory Discovery

Auto-discover all IT assets to maintain an up-to-date inventory list instead of getting bogged down by heaps of siloed spreadsheets.

Real-Time IT Inventory Tracking

Integrate the real-time tracking of your multi-vendor applications & devices to make smart decisions on inventory management.

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Auto-generate detailed inventory reports to deal with critical IT assets – with more vendor control & transparency.

IT Inventory Lifecycle Management

Get a unified view of inventory lifecycles – including license details, usage analysis, escalations, etc., to maximize IT asset ROI.

Other Features

  • Integrated Incident & Fault Management

  • Event Management

  • SLA Management

  • Custom Dashboards & Reports