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Customer service is more crucial than ever in today’s fast-paced business world. Customers expect prompt and efficient service, and organizations that fail to provide it risk losing customers and revenue. As a result, many organizations are turning to customer care software to help them manage their support operations and increase customer satisfaction.  Zendesk is a […]
Content management and knowledge management may seem like interchangeable terms and are often used as such. However, there are noticeable differences. Simply put, knowledge is more about gathering information and building a knowledge base and is more abstract. It is the know-how that resides in an organization. On the other hand, content in a business […]
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In 2005, I started my career as a UX designer. A few years in, I was fiercely passionate about the little things that made a piece of software friendly and usable. Before working on the designs, I wanted to understand how the product works and what it could potentially do for the customer. I felt […]
  1. Customer Service
In the business world, customer service is key. Businesses need to have a well-run contact center to provide the best possible service to customers. There are two types of contact centers that enterprises can choose from – an omnichannel contact center or a multi-channel contact center. So, what’s the difference between the two?   An omnichannel […]
  1. Customer Support
A great customer experience mostly depends on customer service and customer support. When effectively implemented, they promote client loyalty and higher recurring income. Organizations must understand customer support and customer service to expand their business. By understanding both, you’ll be able to communicate job responsibilities more precisely to your staff, make wiser hiring decisions, decrease […]
  1. Asset Management
Most inventory management systems today include a core set of features and functions, such as asset tracking identifiers, hardware tools for reading the identifiers, documentation and reporting processes, and inventory management software designed to collect and synthesize inventory data. You can use office asset management software to ensure that every part of your company runs […]
  1. Workflow Automation
The world has come far ahead of manual data processing. Without automating data-dependent complex backend procedures, businesses cannot think of scaling at the rate at which one would desire.  Workflow automation is the best solution for this problem. In this blog, let us examine the workflow automation culture from every angle and learn about the […]
  1. IT Service Management
Even when services were limited to on-premise hardware solutions, managing IT assets and services was very difficult.  Now that the services used and offered by companies on the IT front have expanded exponentially, their management has become more critical and, of course, more difficult. IT service management solutions have therefore become necessary for businesses.  Here […]
  1. Asset Management
A centralized mechanism for managing company assets not only streamlines inventory management but also lays down procedures and SOPs that increase the efficiency of all business operations.  Fixed asset management (FAM) has been in place for several years. Still, with the introduction of automation, business owners’ control over their assets is remarkable and noteworthy.  Here […]
  1. Helpdesk Software
Businesses rely on customers. That is a simple truth. Even as organizations develop products and offer multiple services, they look for customers who buy what they sell. For, without the revenue generated by this transaction, how would they grow and develop more products to sell? You could say that customers fulfill a fundamental need for […]
  1. Helpdesk Software
How can you deliver quality support, retain existing customers, and expand your customer reach without measuring customer support performance and identifying areas for improvement?  You can’t, at least not to the optimal level that today’s customers expect. Helpdesk metrics are essential tools that measure the performance of a support team. By analyzing these metrics, businesses […]
  1. Customer Success
Did you know that according to the book Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60- 70%, compared to only 5 – 20% for a new prospect? And according to InMoment, 77% of customers have lasting relationships with particular companies that last up to 10 years. Yet, in marketing, customer acquisition has long […]