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Workflow Automation

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Whether you’re a startup founder, a CTO, or a growth-oriented business operator, you need to have end-to-end visibility across your services and network. Otherwise, your ITOps teams might encounter a data center breakdown, printer failure, a blank computer screen, and many other issues. According to the research report by Ponemon, the average cost of an […]
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In an era where businesses are driven by digital transformation, how organizations manage their IT services can be the line between operational efficiency and systemic breakdown. Central to this is the concept of IT Service Management (ITSM) and, more pointedly, the ITSM workflow. This blog aims to unravel the nuances, benefits, and modern approaches to […]
  1. Workflow Automation
The world has come far ahead of manual data processing. Without automating data-dependent complex backend procedures, businesses cannot think of scaling at the rate at which one would desire.  Automating workflow is the best solution for this problem. In this blog, let us examine the automation culture from every angle and learn about automation and […]