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As businesses grow, the support teams often struggle to keep up with increasing workloads. There is often more than one issue, service request, or customer query that needs resolving, and the staff can be under-equipped to attend to them in real-time. Hence, it is vital to ensure that your IT support staff should be able to maintain high levels of productivity, swiftly address customer demands, and efficiently manage all incoming support requests. 

From the need for immediate support to the rapid increase in the number of support issues, the pandemic has created a surge of disruptive trends that continue to reshape consumer behavior patterns. However, in order to stay afloat in these difficult times and gain a competitive advantage, businesses must handle all the external and internal service requests efficiently. That is why it is essential to have helpdesk software that can help your team streamline and track all the tech support issues that come their way from both employees and customers. 

Implementing the right helpdesk tool can help your company increase workforce collaboration, drive operational efficiency, leverage workflow automation, prioritize customer interactions, etc. Hence, all you need to do is – choose the right IT helpdesk software that is scalable and can grow with your business! With the plethora of helpdesk software innovations, choosing the right tool can be a daunting task. To reduce your hassle, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven helpdesk tools that can enhance your overall IT support efficiency and provide solutions to all the technical glitches. 

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1. Freshdesk 

Freshdesk is online helpdesk software that lets you engage in more meaningful conversations every day, across every channel, with every customer. It simplifies multi-channel ticketing, provides intuitive customer portals, delivers faster resolutions with contextual insights, and makes support delightful for agents, customers, and admins. Also, it empowers teams with time-saving automation that include in-context collaborations, advanced agent routing, and a rich knowledge base. 

2. Zendesk 

Zendesk is a complete customer service solution that is easy to use and grows with your business. It not only makes things easy on your customers but sets your teams up for success and keeps your business in sync. It helps your agents, admins, and internal teams do their best work while providing them with an integrated help center and community forum. Also, it enables you to provide personalized experiences for each customer with the help of AI-powered bots. 

3. SysAid 

SysAid is a flexible helpdesk solution that can handle tickets, resolve issues, manage assets, and all the other IT stuff. It allows your teams to skip the wait and solve common IT issues independently while delivering great end-user experiences with self-service automation. With automated password reset and one-click issue submissions, it gives your employees the smooth experience of instantly resolving common IT problems all on their own. Also, it can easily manage all your IT assets and resolve issues faster with all the asset data and records. 

4. Salesforce Service Cloud 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a great helpdesk solution for growing businesses. It offers 360-degree customer views, robust contact management options, automatic email-to-case creation, as well as intelligent routing and auto-assignment tools. Using this system, you can automate repetitive tasks, such as checking agent availability and call routing. You may also leverage its CRM capabilities so that you and your agents get easy access to all customer details, including contact information, purchasing patterns, and previous interactions. This way, giving clients a personalized customer service experience becomes simpler than ever. 

5. Jira 

Jira service desk empowers your teams to deliver a great service experience and ensures your employees and customers can get help quickly. It allows your agents to create and access customizable queues to prioritize, manage, and assign IT support requests. This ticketing tool brings development, IT support, and other teams together to address user concerns. With its no-code automation engine, teams can save time and increase power by automating any task or process with a few clicks. 

6. Zoho Desk 

Zoho Desk is another great IT helpdesk software that acts as an omnichannel platform and lets you manage customer conversations across multiple platforms. It provides continuous support to both your customers as well as your company’s employees. With Zoho Desk, you can assign, track and access multi-channel tickets through a single dashboard. In addition, it lets you create a knowledge base for self-service, which includes FAQs, webinars, videos, and inquiries. 


7. Infraon Helpdesk 

Infraon Helpdesk is a feature-rich, low-code platform that can provide enhanced customer service journeys. It can bring together your customers, agents, and internal teams to provide a consistent level of support. With its cutting-edge features like email to the ticket, ticket creation via WhatsApp, and AI-driven chatbots, you can improve your customer delight. It can also boost agent productivity and provide proactive customer service without the hassles of dealing with a maze of features or poor data visualization. What makes Infraon Helpdesk unique is that other relevant capabilities like asset management, network management, and ITSM can be easily integrated without switching platforms. 

Final Thoughts 

As your company and customer base grow, having the best IT helpdesk ticketing system becomes increasingly important in order for your support operation to run smoothly. In a short period of time, the right tool can assist you in the systematic management of incidents, resulting in faster resolution times and a higher return on investment. So, from this extensive list, select the best helpdesk software to bridge gaps between your agents and customers and ensure proactive support experiences. 

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