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Reporting & Analytics

Visualize, assess & improve customer support with data-driven reporting features.

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Let Your Powerful Customer Insights Do All The Talking

Infraon Helpdesk equips you with simplified data analytics and BI-rich reports to take charge of every step in your support journeys. Garner actionable insights to skyrocket customer satisfaction and optimize agent workload.

Feature Highlights

Granular Customer Insights

Stay on top of your customer goals with easily accessible support-related intelligence. Build a holistic view of performance, progress & outcomes to unify & enhance customer journeys.

Coding-Free Analytics

Leverage a zero-code support platform to create reports & fulfill customer expectations. Avoid hiring costly resources & time-consuming processes to collect & transform data into insights.

Intelligent Dashboards

Give agents a customizable dashboard with full transparency on support metrics to make the right decision. Easily track SLAs, prioritize tickets & identify support bottlenecks.

Deep-Dive Reporting

Access data-driven agent, inflow, CSAT & performance reports to accurately measure customer satisfaction. Analyze agent efficiency to create a proactive support strategy.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboard

  • Bulk Excel Import/ Export

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Report Export

  • Custom Alerts

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Customizable Fields