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Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

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Enhance & manage Digital
Employee Experiences

(DEX) – anywhere, anytime

What Exactly is Digital
Employee Experience?

DEX refers to the cumulative experience of employees at digital workplaces – as influenced by IT asset performance, helpdesk availability, real-time data processing, etc.

In today’s remote and hybrid workplace ecosystem, there’s an unprecedented demand for experiential user journeys, so neither employee productivity nor business operations get disrupted.

How DEX Works

Current Challenges of Digital
Employee Experience (DEX)

An effective DEX strategy starts with building a roadmap to create and measure key outcomes. But, many struggle as all the digital transformation talk notwithstanding, the reality is they lack the expertise to run digital workplaces.

Gartner says, “Through 2027, 80% of DEX tool deployments that account for only IT-focused use cases will fail to achieve a sustainable ROI.” Other challenges include:

Too costly & complex to bring in external products/resources to create DEX harmony.

No system to extract and use actionable root-cause insights based on unified data analytics.

Lack of AI-driven communication & collaboration workflows for quick ticket resolution.

Increasing digital friction caused by device/app/network performance in remote settings.

Benefits of Digital Employee Experience (DEX)


Measure & improve holistic digital experiences

Assess & enhance the holistic digital experiences of employees – creating a positive impact on their satisfaction and productivity levels.


Discover unreported issues that cause digital friction

Identify and resolve unreported user-facing issues that cause digital friction – affecting communication and collaboration.


Enable proactive incident management

Make incident management a breeze with automated diagnosis and remediation and reduce time-to-resolution.


Increase efficiency through actionable automation

Create a culture of efficiency with actionable automation that eliminates the need for several manual workflows.


Achieve significant cost-savings

Ensure significant cost savings by managing globally distributed assets and teams with a scalable and flexible digital workplace.


Accelerate value realization of technology

Maximize the ROI of technologies deployed across the organization – constantly evaluating the value they bring to the table.

How Infraon approaches DEX

Infraon has a proven track record of helping enterprises of all sizes tap into the power of an integrated digital mindset. We treat employee experiences as journeys – not one-off interactions, offering a broad range of DEX solutions to help users coexist and thrive effortlessly in digital workplaces.

Infraon’s Digital Employee
Experience (DEX) Solutions

Digital employee experience measurement

Accurately measure employee experiences based on usage, sentiments & personas to create a sustainable digital workplace.

Automated data insights for elevated IT services

Automate how you unearth data insights on performance issues to eliminate current & future user-facing digital roadblocks.

Software & IT asset management

Streamline virtual & physical endpoints, better handle asset licenses, and easily manage compliance – from one place.

Digital employee experience consulting

Identify and capitalize on opportunities to build a continuously improving digital workplace with globalized users.

All our products are certified SOC-2

Infraon’s product suite is SOC2 certified – meeting world-class standards for data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

24X7X365 threat monitoring to identify all issues

Anomaly alerts to eliminate likelihood of threats

Actionable analytics to improve security governance

Infraon’s DEX Differentiators

Over a decade of end-to-end digital integration expertise - spanning several technologies and industries.

Low-code and automation mindset to avoid bringing in expensive products or certified engineers.

Integrated ITSM, ITAM, and ITOM products with complete UI familiarity.

Dashboard-driven single source of truth to keep improving digital employee experiences.

An expanding network of industry-leading network and implementation partners.

Go live in no time. 24X7 availability of global and region-specific support related to DEX.

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