A thank you mail to a customer is the most direct way to show your appreciation for their business. It is an equally straightforward way to build a relationship with them. And in this case, you may need more than the intention and more than a generic thank you phrase.

While emails have more or less replaced the art of writing a letter, you can still make them personal and meaningful.  When writing a thank you mail to a customer, you should:

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Start off well with appropriate subject lines.

Your subject line is the critical factor that will influence the email open rates. So your subject line must capture the attention of your customer. Following are some excellent examples of subject lines you can use:

  • We appreciate having you as a customer
  • Thanks! We are glad you found us
  • Thank you for subscribing to our {…}
  • It makes us grateful that you chose us
  • Thank you so much for your order
  • Thanks – we have an offer for you

Keep it short and sweet.

A ‘thank you!’ mail doesn’t need to be long. Just a few sentences will do. You don’t want to dilute the meaning behind your intent nor do you want them to ignore your mail because it is long winded.

Be specific.

Thank the customer for their business, and mention something specific that you appreciated about working with them.

Personalize it.

A ‘thank you’ mail is more personal when it’s addressed to the customer by name. It would help to know the company’s history with the customer and show that by using their name and making it less generic.

Include a call to action.

If you have another product or service that you think the customer would be interested in, include a brief mention of it in the thank you mail. But don’t do a hardsell.

Say thank you again. End the mail with another sincere thank you.

What will NOT work in your favor is making it into a promotional opportunity. No one likes to be bombarded with promotional offers.

  • The first reason is that it can come across as insincere if a company is thanking a customer for their purchase and then immediately tries to sell them something else.
  • Secondly, it can be overwhelming for customers to receive a promotional message along with their receipt, and they may appreciate a simpler thank you message.
  • Finally, thank you messages are an opportunity for companies to build rapport with their customers and promote customer loyalty. They may want to focus on creating a positive customer experience rather than bombarding them with marketing messages.

If you own a business, you know how important it is to make your customers happy. One way to do this is by sending them a thank you note. It lets your customers know that their business is appreciated and that you will walk the extra mile to show your gratitude. There are numerous ways in which you can thank them. You can send an email, a handwritten letter, or even a text message. No matter how you choose to send your thank you note, make sure that it is sincere and that it comes from the heart. Below are a few examples of thank you notes to get you started, but first:

Why should you mail your thankyous?

It’s always a good idea to send a thank you email to your customers. Here are four reasons why:

thank you note

A positive gesture

It’s a nice gesture. A thank you email shows your customers that you value them and their business. It’s a small act of courtesy that can go a long way in building relationships.

Good business practice

It’s good for business. Thank you emails can help you build loyalty and repeat business. Customers who feel appreciated will be happier to continue their business with you.

Possibility to upsell

It’s a chance to upsell. A thank you email is also an opportunity to promote other products or services. If you have other offerings that might interest your customer, include them in your thank you email.

Thanking customers is easy to do. Sending a thank you email doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Many online tools are available to make the process simpler. 

Benefits of thanking your customers

​​Regardless of the business or the industry, we aim to serve in one form or another. And customers make a large part of our success. So it’s essential to show your appreciation for their patronage. Sending a thank you email is a simple yet effective gesture to do this. There are three primary benefits of sending a thank you email to your customers.

  • First, it shows that you appreciate their business and value their patronage.
  • Second, it helps to build rapport and maintain a good relationship with your customers.
  • Third, it can encourage customers to continue doing business with you in the future.

Below are a few curated templates for different types of business-customer relationships. These email templates will be helpful to start and build your relationship with the customer.

Thanking customers for staying yours

Subject: We are grateful for your support

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your business. We appreciate your loyalty, and we are grateful for your support. Please let us know how we may continue to be of service to you.


[Your Business Name]

Subject: Thank you for your business

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for choosing our company. We are honored, and we are grateful for your business. We are grateful for the chance to serve you.


[Your Business Name]

when the customer isn’t right

Thanking customers after a purchase

Subject: Thank you for your purchase

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your purchase. We appreciate your support and are truly grateful for your business. We hope that you will find our other products as easy to purchase.


[Your Business Name]

Thanking them for their loyalty

Subject: Thank you for your loyalty

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your continued loyalty to our company. We appreciate your continued trust in us, and we are proud to serve you.


[Your Company]

Thanking customers for blog subscription

Subject: Thank you for subscribing to our blog!

Hello [name],

Thank you for subscribing to our blog! We are super excited to see that you have joined us as a valued member of our community. We promise to bring you fresh, relevant content that you won’t want to miss.

Thanks again, and welcome!


[Your Company]

Thanking customers for the Ecommerce purchase

Subject: Thanks very much for your purchase

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your recent purchase from our online store. We are appreciative of your business and are grateful for your support. We hope that you will continue to shop with us in the future. Please contact us with your questions or concerns, if any. Thank you again for your business. Sincerely,

[Your Company]

Thanking the customer for their feedback

Subject: Thank you for your feedback!

Hello [Customer Name],

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your experience with our company. We appreciate hearing from our customers and value your input. Thank you again for your time and feedback. We hope to continue providing you with excellent service in the future.


[Your Company]

Thanking customers for payment

Subject: Thank you for your payment

Hello [Customer Name],

Thank you for your payment. We are grateful for your business and would like to show our appreciation even as we continue to serve you well into the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

[Your Company]

Thanking customers for signing up

pexels susanne jutzeler sujufoto 1154775

Subject: Thank you for signing up!

Hello [name], Thank you for signing up for our email list! We are thrilled that you could join our community. Be assured that we will only send you content that you will enjoy. Thank you again, and welcome!

[Your name]

[Your Company]

Thanking customers for their referrals

Subject: Thank you for your referral!

Hello [Name],

Thank you for referring us to your friends and family! We genuinely appreciate your support. We’ll be sure to provide them with the same excellent service that you’ve come to expect from us. Thanks again, and we look forward to serving you through the years.

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

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Final note

Thanking anyone is a small but meaningful courtesy. And it is vital to building relationships. When you launch and market your new product or service, it is easy to onboard new customers. But keeping them for life requires effort and commitment. You can’t go wrong if you show your gratitude and appreciation in a meaningful way, especially if you want your customers to remain with you for the long term.

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