Customer feedback forms are a great way to collect actionable insights from your target audience. With so many different form types and question types, it can be tough to know where to start.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best customer feedback-form examples you can use in your business in 2022. We’ll also share some tips on how to create an effective feedback form for your needs.

What is a feedback form?

A feedback form allows customers to provide feedback about a product or service. You can use the feedback forms to gather general feedback about a company or to gather specific feedback about a particular product or service. Feedback forms are vital for businesses, as they allow you to collect valuable information from their customers.

There are many different feedback forms, but some of the most common include satisfaction surveys, customer service surveys, and product feedback forms. 

  • Satisfaction surveys ask customers how satisfied they are with a particular product or service. 
  • Customer service surveys ask customers about their experience with a company’s customer service. 
  • Product feedback forms ask customers about their experience with a particular product.

Feedback forms can be helpful as they enable businesses to improve their products and services based on the feedback they receive from customers. It is one of the reasons that companies seek feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Each kind of feedback will allow you to fix an issue or further enhance a product or service. 

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Feedback Form examples

You can spare yourself the hassle of creating a feedback form from scratch, as several examples are already available, from a simple survey to a more customized questionnaire. Some companies leverage both types to get the most comprehensive feedback possible. 

Before designing a feedback form, you may want to determine what kind of information you wish to collect. For example, simple surveys will suffice if you only want to collect general feedback about your products or services. However, if you need to gather specific information, such as customer satisfaction ratings or details about particular issues, you may need to craft a detailed one.

Another thing to consider when choosing a feedback form is how you will collect the responses. Some businesses use paper forms, although this is reducing in number. Others may use an online form. Some companies may be able to use both forms depending on the kind of feedback they want, covering a larger possible audience. 

You can collect customer feedback in the following ways: pop-ups, chatbots, and emails. You can also get feedback with a single question or more in-depth surveys. Furthermore, you can insert feedback requests into beautifully designed pop-up templates that are appealing and easy to fill for your customers.

No matter the type of feedback form you choose, it is essential to ensure that it is easy for customers to complete. If the form or survey is too long or complicated, customers may be less likely to take the time to fill it out. Therefore, keeping it short, simple, and direct would be the best approach. However, the feedback form may depend on the type of feedback you seek.

customer feedback

Types of feedback

Businesses can collect several different types of feedback from their customers. The most common type of feedback is satisfaction feedback. This type of feedback allows companies to see how satisfied their customers are with their products or services. Checklists and surveys can give you feedback from customers. This information is critical for understanding what went wrong and bettering your customers’ overall experience.

Another type of feedback is user experience feedback. This type of feedback allows businesses to see their customers’ problems with their product experience. Software companies typically use a user experience questionnaire to ensure their product is simple and effective. Unlike a survey about the product or service, this questionnaire focuses on the features, how they work, what’s missing, and what could be improved.

The third type of feedback is suggestions feedback. It allows businesses to see what improvements their customers want in their products or services. You can take advantage of the suggestions-feedback to make changes and improve the quality of products or services.

All three types of feedback are essential for businesses to collect. Satisfaction feedback helps companies see what they are doing well. User experience feedback helps them know what they need to improve, and suggestions feedback helps businesses see what changes their customers want.

How to create a feedback form

Not all feedback forms are created equal. Some feedback forms are more effective than others. Here are some tips for creating an effective feedback form:

  • Keep it short and sweet. The shorter the feedback form, the more likely people will fill it out. A good form should be written in simple language and use straightforward wording. Leading questions may prompt biased respondents to answer positively, so it’s essential to keep your form straightforward. It would be smart to avoid any accidental bias introduced by your question text. If you ask, “Are you not satisfied with our products?” the respondent might take this to mean they are not very satisfied, even if that is not the case.
  • Make it easy to understand and easy for your customer to fill out. The form must offer clear instructions on how to fill and submit it. Be sure to chat with customers and ask them feedback questions so they can quickly answer. To make it easy, we need to have the survey pop up immediately when they’re chatting. It will encourage them to respond because they no longer need to switch channels.
  • Ask the right questions. Make sure you ask questions that will give you the information you need.
  • Be consistent. When you ask questions with different ratings, ensure the rating scales are the same. It can confuse customers when you switch scales and can only provide false or unhelpful answers. Don’t preselect any response, so you elicit only honest and open feedback.
  • Offer incentives. People are more likely to fill out a feedback form if they know they will get something in return. Offer a coupon or discount as an incentive for filling out the form.
  • Follow up with respondents. Let them know that you are taking their feedback seriously and follow up with them until their issue is resolved.
  • Thank the respondents. Thank your customers for filling out your form, and show them that you value their time and response.
customer feedback

Here are a few feedback-form templates that may be helpful:

Feedback Form templates

There are many different feedback form templates available online. Some popular templates include the following:

NPS Customer Feedback Form 

The first template is the NPS Customer Feedback Form Template. This template helps you to collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from your customers. It includes questions about how likely customers are to recommend your business to others and space for customers to leave comments.

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Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form

The second is the Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form Template. This template helps you to collect feedback about how satisfied customers are with your business. It includes questions about customer satisfaction and space for customers to leave comments.

Customer Complaint Feedback Form

The third template is the Customer Complaint Feedback Form Template. This template helps you collect feedback about customer complaints. It contains questions about what type of complaint the customer has and space for the customer to leave comments.

When asking a customer to fill out your form, ask for their name to help create a personalized experience. You can then use their name in the same form later, which creates a more personal connection and increases their likelihood of completing it.

These and other similar feedback forms are available for you to choose from. When selecting a template, ensure it is relevant to your business and includes all the necessary information.


Customer feedback forms play a significant role in any business. They help you collect valuable and actionable insights about your customers’ needs and expectations. Using the right questions, you can uncover hidden problems and areas for improvement. In this article, we’ve shared some top customer feedback form examples that work in 2022. We hope these examples will inspire you to create your customer feedback forms. 

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