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Customer service is an integral part of running any business. Every customer is deserving of excellent service and attention. When you instil this attitude in your employees and leadership, great things can happen. Staff will feel empowered to make decisions with a conscience, and they will learn how to serve their customers’ best interests. The company needs to give them significant ownership, empower them with a voice at the executive level, and let their efforts enhance the customer experience.

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As we move into 2023, customer service will continue to be a vital part of any company’s success. In a world where customers have new choices almost every day, it is vital to ensure they have a positive experience with your brand. That’s why we’ve listed below some of the best customer service companies in 2022. These companies are leading the way in terms of customer satisfaction and retention, so if you’re looking for inspiration to improve your customer service, look no further.

Top companies with great customer service

Many companies are known for providing excellent customer service. In some cases, the pandemic accelerated their efforts, and their investments in technology helped retain their position as the best customer service companies in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and they are future-ready. Here are some of the top companies known for their customer-centric approach and for offering the best customer service


Apple is a company that provides excellent customer service. They have highly qualified and experienced customer service representatives who are always ready to help their customers with any issue they may have.

Beginning with the vision of Steve Jobs, Apple continues its legacy of providing excellent customer service. Tim Cook leaves no stone unturned and continues to carry the legacy forward. You can even access personalized support for your Apple products on a portal that covers any Apple product you have purchased. Interestingly, the ACSI index of 82 and the NPS score of 49 are anything but coincidences. Apple is so good at customer service that it has a customer base that’s become a cult following.


Amazon is another company known for providing excellent customer service. They have knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives who are always ready to help their customers. With a customer base of more than one billion, no other company has been as quick to focus on the customer. By providing free shipping above a certain amount, automatic refunds, and price guarantees, Amazon is often cited as an example of good customer service.

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Customers’ health and transactions should be important to any enterprise, and the pandemic further showed that customers need the reassurance of quality customer service. It is imperative to be proactive and innovative when delivering excellent customer service, which helped Amazon provide outstanding customer support and service even during a pandemic. In uncertain times, buyers may have additional questions about general shipping, delivery, and more. To make their experience as easy as possible, Amazon created a new FAQ page with all the information relevant to COVID-19 and their policies during pandemic outbreaks.

A valuable lesson that can be learned from Amazon is that once you determine what the market and customer needs are, it’s essential to ensure that you have a product that fulfills their demands. Refrain from building an advanced and complicated version of your product. You’ll forget your place in the scheme of things. Amazon thinks differently. They solved a major problem by creating an online e-commerce platform that lets you purchase anything you want through one site. Plus, they made the user experience straightforward and constantly adapted to their customers’ needs.


Publix, the famous supermarket company, does customer service well, too. They have one of the country’s longest histories and a reputation for providing excellent customer service. This 91-year-old company is incredibly committed to the community and prioritizes listening to customers’ requests. On top of stocking their stores with what customers ask for, they provide an enjoyable experience that their customers talk about and highly recommend. It is just a snippet of what Publix does for its loyal shoppers.

While other retailers are touting unbeatable price deals, Publix made it about service first and price second. If you’re only paying attention to price when it comes to your customers, think again. Publix and its customers tell a different story together.

What we can learn from Publix is that it is an employee-owned operation. Employees are well taken care of and work hard to boost workplace morale. Happy employees create happy customers. So start by taking good care of your staff.


Zappos is an online retail company that has set itself apart by going the extra mile for customers. In a time when customer service is often outsourced, Zappos has never taken this approach by providing free shipping and a 365-day return policy. They also maintain a customer-driven philosophy which may seem risky at first; they always offer to refund products if the customer isn’t satisfied, and they don’t outsource customer service to understand their target market better.

A lot of marketing runs the risk of customers only being interested in the cost of a service where they can get whatever they want at any given time. Since this philosophy is firmly against Zappos’, they instead put their money into customer service, which means that their customers stay with them long-term and are always satisfied. The result is that Zappos can significantly improve its bottom line by retaining loyal customers.

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton is well-known for its excellent customer service in the hospitality industry. One step into the hotel, and you’ll understand why. Every member of staff is warmly welcoming and available around-the-clock, and they have strategies to make sure your business goes smoothly. Despite being fairly standard practices, they’re not enough to set them apart. Luxury brands must also justify their high price point with exceptional service and customer advocacy language that can connect with different generations, age groups, and time zones. Unsurprisingly, the company founded in the eighties has a staff that’s excellent at providing this for their customers.

They put a lot of focus and effort into crafting their written communication. They say “we’re fully committed” and not “we are fully booked” and other phrases that sound professional yet relevant, crisp yet non-robotic, or friendly yet non-colloquial. It’s because of customer feedback that they’ve been able to evolve this much. You will almost always get it when you ask Ritz Carlton for something.

Ritz Carlton is an excellent example of how to use customer advocacy language consistently and how to listen to your customers. This way, you’ll get good customer results and happy repeat customers. Your customer service will be more aligned with their needs than your expectations of how they should use it.

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One of the most critical elements of Starbucks’ success is the ability to create near-personal customer relationships. For example, an average customer visits Starbucks about six times a month, while their most loyal customers visit up to 16 times. This could mean that great customer service might be one of the key ingredients they put in their dishes.

However, their rewards programs are genuinely where they shine the most. No customer would want to miss out on complimentary drinks or points they can use to get free items. It’s also Starbucks’ way of making customers feel valued as continuous transactions between the business and its customers happen. Starbucks is also involved in philanthropy involving gift cards and free customer visits, making them feel like a part of something bigger.

Starbucks is a sterling example of how successful customer reward programs and providing incentives can be. Invest in listening tools and use them to learn more about your customers. Starbucks has over ten million followers on its social media pages because its customers want to be kept in the loop and updated on anything new.

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Final Note

In order to set themselves apart, companies are constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond in customer service. If every business strives to deliver excellent customer service, it will pave the way for better customer experiences.

The customer service industry is booming, and many great companies cater to their customer’s needs better than their competitors. This list includes the best of the best when it comes to customer service. These companies have a proven track record of delivering what they promise and are always looking for ways to improve. Several companies have consistently offered superior customer service, such as IKEA, Virgin Atlantic, etc., and built their brand with customers as the primary focus. And the one thing common to all is their understanding of customer needs and their recognition of the need for automation and AI-enabled software to offer round-the-clock service.

This recognition is the result of always keeing an ear to the ground and anticipating changing customer expectations. If you need the inspiration to improve your service, look at the listed companies mentioned here and plan your budget for investment into a robust software customer service platform.

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