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 In recent years, traditional IT management techniques have found it extremely challenging to navigate the speed and volume of innovation especially when it comes to capacity planning. It has led to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to enable measurable digital transformation. As companies recognized the vast potential of AI, investments in AIOps soared, positioning it as a big deal in modernizing IT operations.

AIOps harnesses the power of data analytics, ML, and AI to deliver a complete solution for managing IT operations. It offers real-time detection and resolution of issues, enhances visibility and predictability, and breaks down data silos by consolidating diverse data types. This approach enables ML algorithms to generate actionable insights while enabling proactive and quick problem resolution.

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Introducing Infraon AIOPs

How Infraon AIOPS makes capacity planning a breeze

Infraon AIOps represents a fully AI-driven approach to IT operations, with a structured framework for optimizing processes, resources, personnel, data, and communication channels. This platform is designed to ensure continuous analysis and enhancement of IT operations, thereby achieving uninterrupted management around the clock.

It leverages advanced automation to navigate the complexities of contemporary IT environments, executing a cycle of discovery, analysis, detection, prediction, and response automation. 

Infraon AIOps also uses state-of-the-art algorithms and ML techniques to preemptively identify and resolve operational challenges, helping reduce downtime. It integrates varied data sources and applies predictive analytics to unearth actionable insights for super-fast problem resolution. Hence, IT teams can effortlessly maintain high availability and performance standards.

Top Features of Infraon AIOPs

  • Capacity planning: Organizations can proactively manage hardware resources by accurately predicting the need for upgrades in CPU, memory, or storage capacity. Infraon AIOps uses historical data analysis and current usage trends to forecast future demands, ensuring that the infrastructure can scale seamlessly with the business needs.
  • Alarm prediction: Infraon AIOps leverages an advanced AI engine to forecast future data across all configured parameters. It enables early detection and response to potential issues before they impact operations. By predicting alarms, businesses can preemptively address problems, reducing downtime and enhancing service reliability.
Anomaly detection
  • Anomaly detection: Infraon AIOps focuses on analyzing raw historical data to pinpoint actual data points that deviate from the norm. Employing prediction algorithms, this feature identifies irregularities within business services, flagging potential issues for immediate investigation. This proactive approach to anomaly detection helps maintain operational continuity and safeguard against unexpected disruptions. 
  • Event suppression: Thanks to Infraon AIOps, organizations can utilize AI and machine learning to differentiate between genuine alarms and background noise. Filtering out irrelevant alerts ensures that IT teams focus only on significant incidents, improving response times and operational efficiency. This intelligent suppression mechanism enhances the overall effectiveness of IT monitoring systems. 
  • Events pattern/relation: This feature of Infraon AIOps uses pattern mapping algorithms to uncover hidden correlations among events that regular monitoring tools might miss. This feature provides deeper insights into the underlying causes of issues, facilitating more effective troubleshooting and problem resolution. By revealing unknown event relationships, Infraon AIOps empowers IT teams to implement more informed and strategic corrective actions. 

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How Infraon AIOps Future-Proofs Capacity Planning

Hence, the ability to carefully perform capacity planning can be a ‘make or break’ moment for modern organizations. Infraon AIOps comes with a cutting-edge feature that helps meet hardware capacity demands. It does so by predicting upgrades for increasing CPU, memory, or storage capacity. Hence, organizations can achieve:

  • Predictive analysis: Infraon AIOps leverages ML and advanced analytics to predict future capacity requirements based on historical data and current trends. It helps anticipate needs and avoid potential performance bottlenecks.
  • Dynamic resource allocation: With Infraon AIOps, capacity planning becomes a dynamic process. AI algorithms continuously analyze workloads and resource utilization, adjusting allocations in real time to meet changing demands without overprovisioning.
Cost optimization
  • Cost optimization: Infraon AIOps optimizes resource usage by making sure that organizations are not spending unnecessarily on underutilized infrastructure. It identifies and reallocates idle resources, reducing operational costs and enhancing ROI.
  • Real-time adjustments: Infraon AIOps ensures that business needs can change rapidly, requiring IT to adapt quickly. It enables real-time resource adjustments, ensuring that the IT infrastructure can support sudden spikes without disruption.
  • Improved decision making: With Infraon AIOps, capacity planning decisions are data-driven and based on comprehensive analytics. It reduces guesswork and human error, leading to accurate planning.
  • Better performance and availability: Infraon AIOps helps maintain optimal performance levels and minimize downtime. It is especially crucial for organizations that rely on digital platforms to serve their customers.

Unique Benefits of Infraon AIOps’ Capacity Planning Feature

Quick problem identification

Infraon AIOps can quickly identify potential issues before they escalate by monitoring network links, analyzing historical data, and tracking resource usage to establish trends. It enables the system to forecast future demands accurately and provide early warnings about servers that may reach critical states based on current usage patterns.

This ensures that IT teams can take corrective actions early, maintaining system stability and avoiding downtime.

Usage-based intelligent suggestions

Infraon AIOps offers intelligent suggestions based on specific usage patterns. It analyzes past and current usage data to accurately determine infrastructural needs at any given time. This usage-based guidance helps in making informed decisions about scaling resources up or down so that the infrastructure is always aligned with actual demands. 

Infrastructure restructuring suggestions

Infraon AIOps provides strategic suggestions for infrastructure restructuring. It recognizes the dynamic nature of business demands and continuously tracks resource utilization. Based on this comprehensive insight, Infraon AIOps can recommend restructuring options to ensure that the infrastructure is capable of handling the current workload while being optimized for future scalability.

These suggestions can include adjustments to resource allocation, adoption of new technologies, or changes in architecture.

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