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It is the time of the year when we revisit our carefully written 2024 New Year resolutions list and frown at how we could not stick to it religiously. Letting the everyday demands of life and work get in its way. It isn’t amusing to realize we are not committed to our boldly written, heartfelt […]
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The IT ecosystem has seen unprecedented changes in recent years. With the advent of cloud computing, distributed architectures, and continuous technological innovations, managing and delivering ITSM efficiency has become a complex task. This complexity has made the collaboration between IT managers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) increasingly crucial. Related blog: How MSPs play an invaluable […]
  1. Good Reads
  2. ITOps
  3. MSP
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have traditionally been focused on IT services, offering solutions like network management, data backup, and cybersecurity. However, the evolving market demands and the increasing complexity of business operations have pushed MSPs to diversify their service offerings beyond traditional IT solutions. This expansion reflects the need to adapt to the needs of […]

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Are you still relying on spreadsheets and a pen-and-paper approach to track your company’s assets? Although using manual procedures to keep track of your equipment makes sense, these asset management methods are outdated and error-prone. In fact, 46% of organizations say that human error is their biggest challenge when it comes to effectively reporting on […]
Effective collaboration and streamlined task management are the cornerstones of success in the rapidly evolving landscape of Information Technology Operations (ITOPs). With intricate interplays of processes, systems, and technologies, a systematic approach becomes paramount to maintaining seamless operations and timely issue resolution. This is where the critical significance of IT Risk Management comes into play, […]
In this technology-driven landscape, the efficient management of IT assets has become pivotal for organizational success. Enter IT Asset Management ITAM, a strategic practice that navigates the complexities of overseeing and optimizing a wide spectrum of IT resources. In this blog, let’s understand the core facets of ITAM, from its definition and benefits to its […]

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