It was a long and tiring day at work. You had to jump in and jump out of a few hard negotiation meetings with senior stakeholders. After reaching home, you wanted to relax. Sitting in a cosy corner, you open the music app on your mobile phone. Based on listening history, the app categorizes and suggests song lists as ‘comfort’, ‘melodies’, and ‘peppy’.  

You went with the ‘comfort’ choice of songs. In a few minutes, you felt lighter and let go of the heaviness. The app’s intelligent in-built artificial intelligence (AI) became your friend who made you feel better. This is just one example of how AI is reshaping our new world. The role of AI in a professional B2B software context is far more nuanced and evolving rapidly.  

Help desk software is no exception to this AI proliferation. IT teams have started using AI as co-pilots with help desk agents to provide superior customer service. Automating repetitive tasks, creating a knowledge pool, and training new IT help desk agents are some areas where IT teams benefit from AI. However, the debate on which AI to use remains a question.

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ChatGPT or Gemini? Let’s deep dive and explore who the help desk champion is. 

ChatGPT or Gemini? Let's deep dive and explore who the help desk champion is. 

Hyper-personalized Customer Communication  

If you are in a business where hyper-personalization of customer communication is critical, then ChatGPT is the best choice. It has been well-established that ChatGPT scores over Gemini in conversational AI. ChatGPT excels in understanding customer queries and sentiments and can respond well by mimicking human-like conversations.  

That’s one of the reasons why ChatGPT was able to make successful inroads as chatbots and virtual assistants in the education, finance, entertainment, and healthcare sectors. 

Multimodal Interaction with Customers  

Imagine you are running an e-commerce fashion business; exchanges and returns are part of a unique selling value proposition. Your customer service desk has an absolute necessity to facilitate multimodal communication. Customers would share text, images, audio, and videos about product exchanges. Your system should string a coherent message and send it to the help desk team for instant response. 

 In this case, Gemini should be your choice of AI as it triumphs over ChatGPT in multimodal communication abilities. It can accept and respond with text, images, audio, and video content without switching contexts.   

Pricing Shouldn’t Hinder Your AI Exploration  

Gemini and ChatGPT can surprise you with their unique feature sets. You’ll have to weigh the benefits of these AI solutions through the pricing lens. Gemini and ChatGPT offer free versions with limited capabilities. ChatGPT uses a tiered pricing model for advanced capabilities and enterprise customers. ChatGPT Plus is $20 per month, which comes with an advanced language model and additional features.  

The middle-tier version of Gemini, Gemini Pro, is available as a free edition with an upper cap for both users and developers. If you are a growing organization, and you would want to pilot AI in your help desk environment, place your bet on Gemini Pro. Level up from there.   

Accessibility, UI, and Platform Integration 

The easy and intuitive user interface of ChatGPT attracted millions of users since its launch. Currently, a sizeable community and a well-documented set of resources are available for ChatGPT. This eliminates the entry barrier for beginners, unlike the case with Gemini. In addition to these, API access to all models of ChatGPT is available for a reasonable amount of time now, making this AI brand integrate well with numerous third-party platforms and applications.  

If your technology stack is complex and your help desk AI needs a well-oiled integration, take your chances with ChatGPT. 

Automation of Complex Workflows  

Your helpdesk workflow is complex and needs automation. The workflow involves multiple geographies, various levels of approvals, and cross-functional collaboration. The ideal AI for your needs is the one that scores high on a human-like knowledge set and reasoning or even better. In two reasoning benchmark categories, Big-Bench Hard (diverse set of challenging tasks require multi-step reasoning), DROP (reading comprehension F1 score), and in the MMLU test (representation of questions in 57 subjects), Gemini consistently scored higher than ChatGPT. 

As your organizations grow, these workflows get more extensive and fuel more approval nodes or changes. With its extraordinary reasoning algorithm, Gemini AI will automatically adapt to evolving needs. 

Accurate Knowledge Pool, Data Governance and Scalability 

A help desk environment matures in an organization by building an AI-driven knowledge pool, gathering insights from customer queries, internal data, and external sources. Creating a knowledge pool is the beginning step; sustaining it with accurate data and making it relevant for self-service discovery for help desk agents and customers closes the success loop.  

Compared to ChatGPT, Gemini ranks higher on factual accuracy as it uses Google’s vast knowledge base to provide reliable and grounded information. Also, Gemini AI learns and updates its algorithm from real-time data, whereas ChatGPT learns from information until a specific date. Scalability gets easier as Gemini is designed to process voluminous data sets without any performance lags. 

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Final Thoughts 

Gemini Ultra operates with 200 billion parameters, while ChatGPT-4V runs with 175 billion parameters. Both Gemini and ChatGPT are at the forefront of innovation. ChatGPT shines with its first-mover advantage, wide-spread popularity, human-like textual and creative language algorithm.  

The Economist recognized ‘ChatGPT’ as its 2023 word of the year. On the other end of the spectrum, Gemini has stupendously won over ChatGPT on multiple benchmark assessments. Gemini’s multimodal capability, factual accuracy, and potential to expand to Google extensions will unleash a new technology wave. Both these AI models can redefine help desk solutions.  

The best way to choose one is to experiment with free versions and understand which gives you better mileage and scale from that vantage point. 

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