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Building and retaining a skilled IT ops and service team is no minor feat since these professionals are pillars of innovation, service quality, and market competitiveness. Yet, many companies face the challenge of retaining them. Unfortunately, high turnover disrupts continuity, increases recruitment and training expenses, and results in the loss of invaluable knowledge. Addressing this […]
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Does the future of business success depend on the customer experience? As technology advances customer expectations toward increased personalization, how crucial is the role of MSPs in reshaping these interactions by 2030? Does the compass of customer experience recalibrate with advancing technology? Looking ahead to 2030, is the landscape of customer experience undergoing a transformative […]
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A SaaS license audit is a systematic process to account for and manage these digital assets. Managing these licenses is crucial for organizations to ensure compliance, optimize costs, and maintain operational efficiency. However, some challenges make a SaaS license audit a resource-intensive task that requires careful planning, cross-departmental cooperation, and, often, specialized tools for tracking […]
  1. Asset Management
Unlocking the full potential of your organization’s IT assets requires a comprehensive understanding and efficient management of hardware and software resources. With the ever-growing complexity of modern technology ecosystems, having a robust IT asset management system in place is crucial for success. From tracking inventory and optimizing software usage to ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness, the […]
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Introduction Asset tracking software is a powerful tool that enables organizations to efficiently manage and monitor their valuable assets throughout their lifecycle. Whether it’s physical equipment, IT assets, or inventory, asset tracking software provides a centralized system to track, record, and analyze asset data in real time. By leveraging barcode scanning, RFID technology, or GPS […]
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Pricing for IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions depends on software complexity, the number of users or devices it will be deployed on, the level of support provided, and the additional features and functionalities included. Typically, ITAM software is offered through a subscription-based pricing model, where customers pay a recurring fee for the software license and […]
  1. Hardware Asset Management
Today, we belong to a digital era, and technology has got an important role to play in our lives. There isn’t a day when we do not embrace technology in fulfilling our daily responsibilities. One such boon of technology is IT asset management. Asset management tools have got a crucial role to play in streamlining […]
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IT Asset Management (ITAM) software is essential for streamlining and automating the management of IT assets. It offers significant advantages, including tracking software licenses, compliance maintenance, cost savings, improved planning, risk management, and increased operational efficiency. Discover the importance of ITAM software and explore why Infraon’s IT Asset Management solution stands out in optimizing resources, […]
  1. Ticket Management
Ticket management software is a valuable tool used to streamline and enhance customer support and issue resolution processes. It provides a centralized system for receiving, tracking, and resolving customer inquiries, complaints, and service requests, known as tickets. Features of ticket management software Here are some key features commonly found in ticket management software: Conclusion: Ticket […]
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BMC Helix ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) is a powerful and comprehensive platform designed to streamline and optimize IT operations within an organization. With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, it has become a leading ITSM solution on the market. However, as with any technology solution, the cost is a major consideration for businesses adopting […]
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As organizations grow and become more complex, the need for effective IT asset management becomes increasingly important. One popular tool for IT asset management is Lansweeper, which provides an all-in-one solution for discovering, managing, and securing IT assets. However, while Lansweeper is a popular choice, it is not always the best fit for every organization. […]
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Choosing the right asset management platform requires careful consideration of the organization’s needs, budget, and scalability. It is essential to evaluate different platforms based on their features, pricing, and customer support before making a decision. With the right platform, organizations can streamline their asset management processes, improve efficiency, and save time and resources. Related article: […]