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Have you noticed a surge in banking fraud lately? It’s not just about financial losses; it’s also about eroding trust of customers.  In our digital age, where online transactions and electronic banking are on the rise, Is it creating opportunities for fraudsters?  According to SEON’s ‘Global Banking Fraud Index 2023,’ the global neobank market witnessed […]
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As IT infrastructures become more complex, the responsibilities of IT managers expand exponentially. Their role is akin to a tightrope walker, balancing the need for innovation with the imperative of security. From spotting system vulnerabilities to preparing for unexpected setbacks, the IT manager’s world is one of vigilance and foresight. Zero-trust is an approach to […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
It might appear like a challenging task to move from a centralized point of access to the network and apply a zero-trust security model. But, with growing instances of data breaches, cybersecurity threats, and the need for remote working, zero-trust network access has become a need of the hour for many organizations. It provides a […]
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The pandemic may have accelerated the need for enterprises of all sizes to move towards digital transformation, but the need for zero trust cyber security has existed since before. However, with new actors or hackers, malicious software has also evolved and expanded the cyber threats to a larger attack surface.   While enterprises need robust digital […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust is a holistic approach to cybersecurity that emphasizes verification rather than trusting users. The financial sector has always been rife with security threats and a common target for cybercriminals. Enterprises handling financial data are subject to more security protocols and scrutiny from several angles, including governments, regulatory bodies, and customers. The pandemic has […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust is a holistic and strategic approach to cybersecurity that emphasizes strict verification. In a modern world where digitization is ever-evolving, security threats are scaling along with potential solutions. Zero Trust security is growing as a comprehensive solution to security threats, with several enterprises already implementing it or looking to do so in the […]
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Zero Trust combines identity verification and policy-based permission for every identity attempting to use the network or IT resources. The person or entity may be inside the enterprise’s network or access the network remotely. Zero Trust is a framework using different technologies and best practices to know who is trying to access or use the […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
Zero Trust is a set of techniques to secure end-to-end IT network infrastructure. Given the complexity of today’s networks, Zero Trust security principles continue to evolve and adapt to current demands. As indicated by the history of Zero Trust, an evolving IT security landscape was what eventually led to this concept. And right from the start, the end goal […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
Before Zero Trust security existed, companies had to take utmost care to ensure that only trusted users were allowed to access the corporate network. Although the term “Zero Trust” was popularized by John Kindervag, it was originally coined by Stephen Paul Marsh in 1994. Kindervag was an analyst with Forrester at that time when he had recognized […]