Author: Soumya Nandhakumar

  1. Self Service Portal
A self-service portal is a digital platform, accessible through a website or application, that allows individuals to access information, find solutions to problems, and receive assistance without needing to communicate with support, IT, or HR representatives. This type of portal is commonly used to serve customers but can also be utilized by internal employees within […]
  1. Good Reads
  2. Solutions
Most enterprises have a lot of equipment and assets that require routine maintenance, if it is done over time, asset performance starts to decline, and asset breakdown risks rise. The work order process is necessary for maintenance since accurate tracking of the work is very important. It takes a lot of work to process, prioritize, […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Customer Service
A thank you mail to a customer is the most direct way to show your appreciation for their business. It is an equally straightforward way to build a relationship with them. And in this case, you may need more than the intention and more than a generic thank you phrase. While emails have more or […]
  1. Change Management Models
  2. Channel sales
  3. Featured
Content management and knowledge management may seem like interchangeable terms and are often used as such. However, there are noticeable differences. Simply put, knowledge is more about gathering information and building a knowledge base and is more abstract. It is the know-how that resides in an organization. On the other hand, content in a business […]
  1. Asset Management
A centralized mechanism for managing company assets not only streamlines inventory management but also lays down procedures and SOPs that increase the efficiency of all business operations.  Fixed asset management (FAM) has been in place for several years. Still, with the introduction of automation, business owners’ control over their assets is remarkable and noteworthy.  Here […]
  1. Customer Success
A world before the pandemic seems like the distant past, doesn’t it?   The onset of the pandemic has seen a dramatic shift in most areas of life, including the workspace, and life may never go back to what it once was. It’s almost unbelievable how much transformation each business has gone through in the 2 […]
  1. ITAM
Approximately two years ago, the pandemic forced us to start working from the safety of our homes. Organizations purchased, distributed, and deployed services and products to support and maintain business as usual. While doing that, the standard due diligence process was shortened or, in some cases, completely ignored. The common issues were:   Excess purchases: Organizations were unprepared […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Software Asset Management
Did you know that a growing number of companies use an estimated number of more than 100 apps every day? There are many reasons behind this. Companies use free apps three times more than paid ones. Also, the rise of software asset management tools in various organizations is a rising trend these days. The IT industry […]
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