Tracking and managing IT assets across numerous departments takes a significant amount of time and effort, especially if your company uses a manual IT asset management process. This is why businesses are turning to IT asset management tools instead of manually managing their IT assets. However, not all IT asset management solutions have customizable options. To experience the advantages of automated asset tracking and maintenance, you must choose the best IT asset management software that aligns with your company objectives. The following are the essential features to consider while choosing the IT asset management tools for your company.

Real-Time Tracking

This IT asset management software feature enables companies to make informed decisions and avoid costly repairs and replacements. With the best asset tracking software, you can keep track of where your assets are – and their availability and performance status in real-time.

Alerts and Notifications

The best IT asset management software keeps you updated on all activities and sends notifications and alerts. As a result, you are always up to date and informed about your assets. Also, according to your custom notification settings, you will receive alerts when your software license expires, when your assets require repair, or when any asset-related information is made available.

Integration with Other Systems

Having an ITAM tool that is compatible with all other IT assets on a company-wide scale is a must. This guarantees that all hardware, software, and network components are properly integrated, and no critical assets are neglected.

Asset Discovery

This feature assists in the identification of all assets within a network. For instance, it can determine what software is running on which devices. It can also assist in the diagnosis of IT equipment problems and the prevention of threats such as malware and spyware.

IT Helpdesk Management

This is one of the features of asset management that aims to centralize support requests, allowing IT personnel to prioritize issues and respond to problems accordingly. Also, it enables an effective support management process across the organization by providing collaboration between support teams and IT managers.

In-depth reporting

In-depth reporting is one of the features of an IT asset management solution that give you the information you need to make better decisions about your assets. Also, it provides detailed insights about your IT assets from their usage and maintenance to acquisition and disposal.


This feature includes role-based access restrictions, which allow you to limit access to specific people. To make changes to your asset data, not everyone on your team needs full access. Perhaps you have an administrative assistant who needs to be able to observe where assets are located but not change them. To secure your data, the person may be given “viewing” authorization rather than editing permission.

IT Asset Management

Asset Check-in and Check-out

This feature of asset management is extremely valuable for tracking asset locations as they move from department to department or from site to site. For example, if your company has hundreds of laptops, it will need to know where they are located and who is using them. Asset check-in and check-out will keep track of whether an asset is available for usage and who recently utilized it.

Robust Implementation Support

Setup and implementation are considered as important features of asset management. Look for IT asset management solutions that can support your processes and can work within the framework of your business. The best IT asset management software should guarantee business continuity during any IT system failure with real-time alerts and notifications.

Knowledge Management

Finally, your IT asset management solution should include knowledge management features including the capacity to share information. With this feature, your employees and support teams will have access to users’ manuals, how-to guides, and troubleshooting information.


Whether you’re just getting into ITAM or looking for IT asset management solutions that fit your business-specific needs, these are the few features you need to consider. By prioritizing these important IT asset management software features, you can ensure that your company maximizes the ROI of each IT asset.

Infraon Assets demystifies the ownership of asset management by controlling your IT and non-IT asset lifecycles with a single powerful platform. It helps optimize your overall asset usage based on unique business goals. You can increase asset lifetime, improve deployment, ensure compliance, and achieve total business continuity. You also get an integrated data-rich view of your assets to make the right decision at the right time with BI insights and use an agent-based model or go agentless – with no deployment hassles.

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