Author: Muddada Shyam Sunder

  1. Asset Management
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of assets? For most people, assets are the most expensive possessions, like a house or other kinds of investments. But, for a business leader like you- they can be assets such as sophisticated infrastructure, machines, equipment, or vehicles. However, owning assets is not […]
  1. Asset Management
In today’s fiercely competitive world, all businesses strive to boost productivity while maintaining minimal overhead expenses and strong margins. In order to consciously, effectively, and affordably scale up and down with demand to supply the storage and processing capacity they need on a global scale, cloud architecture and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have evolved. With SaaS […]
  1. Asset Management
Worried about how you can streamline operations within your company? Keeping track of internal processes, especially managing assets (regardless of their type), is an important task that calls for greater accountability and efficiency. Effective asset management can help you save time, effort, and money, gather valuable insights to make an informed decision and get acquainted […]
  1. Infraon Assets
Investments in advanced technology and superior assets are made for a reason, that being, better products and service delivery, all to retain their market position in times of digital transformation. However, getting a solid ROI will prove that the investments were worth including in your budget. Getting the expected returns will mean that each asset […]
  1. ITOps
  2. Uptime Monitoring Software
Uptime is defined as the time during which the system is functioning well without any failures. Uptime monitoring is the standard of the metric measured in percentage that determines the reliability or stability of the system. The long uptime for any system is good as it works efficiently and doesn’t require any administrative assistance or […]
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