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Running a successful start-up is quite a tough job. You’ve got a lot of things on your plate, such as managing your marketing expenditure, keeping track of your finances, managing HR, after-sales support, and so on. Along with these tasks, you also need to ensure that your IT support capabilities are good enough to meet all the upcoming challenges associated with technical support teams and your end-user community. Hence, implementing an IT helpdesk software that would enhance IT support efficiency as well as provide solutions to all the technical glitches has become a growing need for many organizations. 

Setting up an IT helpdesk for your start-up takes time and effort. To ensure a successful transition, you will need the right tools and strategies. Otherwise, you run the risk of investing in a system that is ineffective and inefficient. With so many options available in the market, you might find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the best IT helpdesk software for your company. While there is no “ideal” approach to implementing IT helpdesk software in your company, you can follow some best practices. This quick guide will help you in choosing the best IT helpdesk software for your business. 

5 important criteria to consider before selecting an IT Helpdesk tool 

1) Define your business requirements

Every business has different support expectations. For example, an e-commerce company has more interactions with customers than a healthcare company. Likewise, some companies would place far more emphasis on telephony than social media support. Therefore, it is essential to define what type of business you are, what kind of customers you cater to, and how much budget you could allot for the deployment of IT helpdesk software. 

2) Understand your customer expectations 

Before you choose the right IT helpdesk solution, you must determine what your clients expect from your company. Some clients may anticipate a quick response via live chat, while others may require a mobile-friendly knowledge base. Monitoring brand references on social media, keeping an eye on your competitors, and directly questioning your customers via surveys can help you understand their expectations.  

3) Know about your employees’ expectations

Now, when we’re talking about employees, it’s your responsibility to minimize their efforts and make their lives less stressful. Your agents’ productivity and operational efficiency are determined by the tools they utilize. As a result, before implementing a helpdesk, you should consider getting feedback from individuals who deal with consumers directly, such as your service managers and service representatives. 

4) Vendor’s Credibility 

It’s crucial to evaluate your IT helpdesk vendor’s credibility by checking the company’s reputation, size, and number of years in business. You can also read analyst reports to determine their reliability and seek input from companies that have already used their products. Case studies, client testimonials, and direct customer experiences all come in handy too. 

5) Scalability

Always remember that scalability is an important consideration while choosing IT helpdesk software. It is essential for a fast-growing start-up to invest in helpdesk software that can scale to meet its changing needs. With this expansion, you must expect a large number of customer inquiries, which can only be handled by a scalable IT helpdesk software solution. 

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A checklist of key IT Helpdesk features you really need 

While choosing an IT helpdesk software for your start-up, you should also closely evaluate the features it provides. Without having the features that are important for your business, you will not be able to create an effective IT support ecosystem. Hence, to make the best choice, here is a list of features you need to consider: 

Ø Robust Ticket Management 

As effective ticket management is considered the key to quick and effective issue resolution, it is deemed an important feature of an IT helpdesk platform. With this functionality, you can empower your agents to effortlessly respond to customers without any hassles. Hence, always look for a helpdesk tool that incorporates an AI-driven ticket management platform that can automatically route the tickets to the right agent or support group to ensure immediate resolutions. 

Ø Effective Collaboration 

Having an IT helpdesk software that ensures seamless collaboration between helpdesk teams & field technicians helps you to create a cross-functional culture of teamwork, efficiency, and productivity. Hence, make sure to choose the right helpdesk tool that allows agents to frictionlessly work with other teams and SMEs to overcome complicated support challenges. 

Ø Seamless Integration 

The IT help desk software in an organization must seamlessly interact with external apps to simplify and enhance how you can provide customer service. So, while selecting your help desk software, check whether it can integrate with application monitoring tools, asset management systems, and SharePoint portals. 

Ø Intelligent Reporting and Analytics 

A good IT helpdesk software should provide you with simplified data analytics and BI-rich reports to take charge of every step in your support journeys. Hence, it is essential to choose an IT helpdesk software that provides a holistic view of performance, progress, and outcomes to unify & enhance customer journeys. 

Ø Workflow Automation 

When choosing IT helpdesk software, it is always recommended to choose the helpdesk solution that can automate customer support workflow automation like ticket creation or assignment to eliminate repetitive tasks. Therefore, go for an IT helpdesk software that incorporates AI capabilities to speed up deployment and handle the whole ticketing process on a manageable budget. 

Final thoughts

The right help desk software can help your start-up with collaboration, efficiency, automation, prioritizing client interactions, analysis, and more. Hence, make sure the tool you choose is scalable and can grow with your business. If you carefully consider your options to find the best fit for your company, you’ll set your organization up for success and delight your customers every day. 

Infraon Helpdesk is a feature-rich platform to deliver enriched customer service journeys. It can unify your customers, agents, and internal teams to drive seamless support experiences. Also, it can increase agent efficiency and enable proactive customer support experiences without the hassles of dealing with a maze of features or poor data visualization.  

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