1. ITOps
IT operations have always served as the infrastructure’s watchdogs and first responders, but they now do much more. ITOps experts are incorporated into build/run product teams where they will share ownership and accountability with the development team, testers, and system administrators. What change might be the most challenging for an experienced ITOps professional? Production is […]
  1. ITOps
Lately, the ITOps movement has gained much traction, and for right reason. This software development and delivery technique is transforming how organizations offer value to their employees and customers. Effective operations management is crucial when dealing with people, processes, technology, materials, and machines.  Related article: An Ultimate Guide to Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) If you […]
  1. ITOps
Operations management is fundamental to a successful enterprise. A company can only produce products and deliver services to meet customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction with effective operations. An operations management lifecycle includes tools and technology, basic principles, best practices, and all the elements of an operations strategy. An operations manager must be able to […]
  1. Cost Management
  2. ITOps
If you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground recently, you may have heard alarm bells regarding the next recession. But unfortunately, the signs indicate that another financial storm may be brewing. Recently, Bloomberg reported that the global yield curve has been inverting for the first time in at least two decades – signalling that […]
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