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The importance of Networking Performance Monitoring is even more now because of increasing network complexity. Network management has become one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Without effective network management, it is impossible to have a productive workplace. It is also impossible to have zero downtime and network failures. Network management makes the high availability of networks a reality.

Why is it essential for organizations to use Networking Performance Monitoring tools?

Optimize network performance

Organizations constantly monitor networks to determine their performance. Based on real-time data, any organization can fine-tune its networks with ease. Today’s networks are programmed centrally. Unlike previously, where each network element would process network packets independently, Software Defined Networks centralize the control plane. It is so that administrators can apply changes in one place, and all changes will be used simultaneously on all the network elements participating in the network.

Early diagnosis of issues

A network management system helps network administrators diagnose issues early. For example, a full-fledged DDoS attack can be stopped in its tracks. In the first few seconds of a DDoS attack, a network management system uses anti-spoofing protocols and deep packet inspection to make this determination. The network management system flags this traffic using vital artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols. The traffic from this source or sources is stopped. This is one of the many examples of early diagnosis of network threats.

Benchmark performance

A network management system sets realistic expectations by benchmarking performance. Although the bandwidth of a network segment could be higher, the throughput could be lower. This could be because of network congestion, bad network programming, inefficient routing, etc. Taking all these considerations, a network management system weighs these links realistically. The weight of a link is its total bandwidth capacity, congestion allowance, failover, etc. Using these parameters, the link is chosen for particular types of traffic or not chosen. 

Automates network reconnaissance 

Administrator workload is significantly reduced with network management tools. Network administrators only need to configure rule sets once. From then onwards, all repetitive network management activities are conducted automatically. It includes automatic logging into network devices, applying patches, performing software upgrades, retrieving metrics, and dumping log data into configured locations.

How can Infraon help?

Infraon NMS is part of the Infraon Suite. Infraon NMS automates all configuration and compliance activities. The system can manage network devices, including routers, bridges, hubs, load balancers, access control points, and switches. Being vendor-agnostic, Infraon NMS can handle any device from any vendor. 

Here are some of the features supported by Infraon NMS.

Networking Performance Monitoring

Network discovery

Infraon NMS allows administrators to discover network elements. This process is usually achieved using an SNMP agent to SNMP manager correspondence. But the way Infraon network management system does it makes a huge difference.

Configuration management

Managing, maintaining, and backing up the configuration on network devices can be done using rule sets. Administrators get instant alerts and reminders on upcoming configuration activities or detection of any issues.

Inventory tracking

Infraon NMS can help identify the inventory of multiple network devices from various vendors. Inventory information such as serial number, hostname, firmware version, vendor, OS, model, etc., are some of the details that can be used to determine the status of the inventory.

Vulnerability detection

Infraon NMS, integrated with other tools like ITSM or ITOM as required, can detect vulnerabilities instantaneously. The system uses an internal scoring mechanism to detect soft targets on a network element, device, or link. 


Infraon NMS is a leading solution for network administrators and operations centers to manage their networks intelligently. Infraon NMS reduces administrative overheads, increases efficiency, and improves resource and organizational productivity.

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