Author: Sudhakar Aruchamy

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  3. Workflow Automation
Companies in the telecom sector are continually grappling with complex IT workflows that span vast infrastructures and customer service demands. These workflows involve managing large-scale networks, ensuring consistent service delivery, and rapidly addressing maintenance and customer support issues. The challenge intensifies with the need to integrate new technologies, comply with regulatory standards, and protect against […]
  1. Cybersecurity
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With technology advancements, will cybersecurity stay important in 2030? Are MSPs preparing for the challenges and opportunities in the changing cybersecurity of 2030? How are MSPs preparing for the increasing cyber threats as technology evolves in the next decade? How can MSPs build a strong workforce in the face of the expected shortage of cybersecurity […]
  1. Asset Management
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Managing IT assets can be a difficult task for any Managed Service Provider (MSP). The sheer number of IT assets across multiple customers can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are asset management software solutions available to help MSPs efficiently track and manage IT assets. This article will explore the various features of asset management software […]
  1. AWS Monitoring Tool
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Businesses today know what a cloud migration brings to the table regarding growth and optimization.  AWS is the most popular cloud platform for hosting applications of varying complexity. But, with businesses aiming to upscale faster, the deployments tend to become difficult to track.  This is one of the many reasons businesses need AWS monitoring tools. […]
  1. Infraon IMS
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Quality of Service (QoS) uses methods or technologies on networks to control traffic and ensure the performance of critical applications with limited network capacity. It enables organizations to adjust their overall network traffic by prioritizing specific high-performance applications. Your internet connection is like a highway where different types of vehicles travel to reach their destination. […]
  1. MSP
As a managed service provider (MSP), you must deliver a broad spectrum of IT solutions to meet diverse clients’ needs. With the new normal of remote working and clients based across multiple industries and different time zones, you must devote many resources to guarantee reliable service delivery. Furthermore, ensuring seamless deployment, driving user adoption, and […]
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The tech industry has been scrambling to set the major security flaw in logging software to rights. The Apache Log4j vulnerability caught security teams across the globe entirely off guard. This vulnerability is easy to exploit, giving the threat actors a simple way to control Java-based web servers and launch code execution attacks. Log4j is […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
Learn how to stop weaponizing cybersecurity threats without your knowledge A few decades ago, what started with one email ID has become a host of internet identities because we have one for almost every application, one for work, one or many for different social media, and yet another for financial services, and the list goes […]