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Author: Samaresh Mandal

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  3. Incident Management
The major objective of incident management is to improve communication between end users and IT agents. Good incident management has self-service features that allow users to submit tickets for requests and issue reports, including automation, which is used to manage these tickets.  “Governing the life cycle of all incidents to promptly return to normal service […]
  1. Asset Management
What is Incident Management? DevOps and IT Operation teams employ the incident management process to respond to an unanticipated event or service outage and return the service to operational status. In the ITIL framework, it is a mechanism that links end-users and the IT department for more effective incident response. A robust incident management system […]
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Businesses rely on customers. That is a simple truth. Even as organizations develop products and offer multiple services, they look for customers who buy what they sell. Without the revenue generated by this transaction, how would they grow and develop more products to sell? Customers fulfill a fundamental need for businesses to thrive and flourish. […]
  1. Helpdesk Software
How can you deliver quality support, retain existing customers, and expand your customer reach without measuring customer support performance and identifying areas for improvement?  You can’t, at least not to the optimal level that today’s customers expect. Helpdesk metrics are essential tools that measure the performance of a support team. By analyzing these metrics, businesses […]
  1. Helpdesk Software
Being the immediate point of contact for customers and employees, the IT helpdesk has evolved into the essential face for many businesses. A helpdesk performs a number of crucial tasks, including improving business process efficiency, ensuring prompt and effective client relations, and helping in improved information management and improved IT Helpdesk Performance. Therefore, you need […]
  1. ITIL Software
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ITIL Software, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, embodies a service-oriented approach to automation. Through software solutions, businesses can create a centralized framework that enables them to map, select, deliver, and monitor their IT services with a comprehensive perspective. To help you navigate the process of implementing ITIL V4 software strategies for enhanced efficiency […]
  1. Helpdesk Software
Having a unified central help desk software has multidimensional benefits for businesses. Helpdesk software offers a robust solution by creating a definite workflow to raise tickets and seek interventions.  This is much better than having disparate systems with no role definitions as such.  Customer interactions help cement relations, ultimately contributing to brand building in a […]
  1. Zero Trust Security
It might appear like a challenging task to move from a centralized point of access to the network and apply a zero-trust security model. But, with growing instances of data breaches, cybersecurity threats, and the need for remote working, zero-trust network access has become a need of the hour for many organizations. It provides a […]
  1. ITSM
Integrating your ITSM platform with other third-party apps to sync with one another, sharing data or events that occur in one of them, is called ITSM Integration. By implementing the ITSM strategies,  many businesses have realized the need to connect it with other applications and data sources such as HR, customer service, security, and IT. […]