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Author: Ganesh N Kumar

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  1. Alternative to VPN
Alternative to VPN: In today’s time where everyone is working from home, one particular term may resonate with one and all, old and young – that is a “virtual private network” or also popularly known as VPN. It ensures that a secure remote access connection is established between employees and the private corporate network. With […]
  1. ITOps
  2. Network Performance Monitor
Networks are at the core of any company. Even in small or medium-sized businesses, lost productivity because of a network outage can lead to significant financial loss. To help combat this issue, network monitoring solutions enable companies to proactively predict possible outages and resolve any network issues. Network performance monitoring (NPM) helps to keep the […]
  1. Asset Management
Prioritizing the management of a company’s assets over all other management efforts is crucial. Businesses that deploy asset management systems more often see more benefits and ROI than ever. Over the years, the asset management system has enabled numerous businesses and companies to save significant money and administrative labour. For regulatory compliance reasons, asset records […]
  1. Asset Management
As a business owner, you have probably invested in equipping your company with assets of different kinds, fixed assets being chief among them. Fixed assets are physical or intangible assets that a company uses in its business operations cannot easily convert to cash. These assets are recorded on a company’s balance sheet and typically have […]
  1. Inventory Management
Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of any business, and spare parts inventory management is no different. Spare parts inventory management is the process of organizing, storing, and controlling spare parts and components inventory to ensure that they are available when needed and to avoid obsolescence. There are many factors to consider […]
  1. Asset Management
It’s crucial to maintain track of each asset when a company has a lot of equipment and assets. Asset tracking stickers or labels can help with this since it might be challenging to maintain track of each asset. The organization greatly benefits from keeping track of everything, and the asset tracking stickers help retain valuable […]
  1. Customer Success
Many factors—some justified, some not—cause customers to become rude or angry. As a customer service representative, you will probably encounter irritated or angry customers from time to time because you are in business to serve your customers. 95% of dissatisfied customers share their negative experiences with others personally or through social media/review sites. So, knowing how […]
  1. Infraon Assets
Businesses in each industry abide by the laws and regulations established by governments and regulatory agencies. In addition, the organization may also adopt policies for its internal operations. Failure to comply with responsible asset management compliance can adversely affect an organization. Asset management compliance may be described as the management of assets under the necessary […]
  1. Infraon Assets
Asset management is an evolving process as enterprises face increasing compliance and regulatory requirements. Enterprises also continue to expand their asset inventory as part of their growth and work with multiple vendors and third parties. This diverse range of assets is best managed with a centralized asset management platform that covers asset monitoring, including accurate […]