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Author: Chandana

  1. Asset Management
  2. Fixed Asset Management
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Managing fixed assets can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially for businesses that own a large number of assets. Keeping track of each asset’s location, maintenance history, and depreciation can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools in place. This is where fixed asset management software comes in. Fixed assets are long-term tangible or […]
  1. AIOps
  2. DEX
  3. Digital Employee Experience
  4. ITOps
With the growing complexity of IT environments, it has become increasingly challenging to manage IT operations manually. The advent of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has led to the development of AIOps and Digital Experience Management (DEX), which leverage ITOM capabilities to deliver even more significant benefits. Before getting […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Hardware Inventory Management
  3. Inventory Management
Organizations of all sizes rely heavily on IT assets to support their daily operations. Managing these assets can be challenging, from computers and servers to software licenses and network devices, especially for businesses with complex IT infrastructures. That’s where IT asset inventory software comes in handy. These tools help companies to keep track of their […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Return on Investment
Asset management is an essential component of every corporate operation. It refers to managing a company’s assets to optimize its value and returns. Asset management’s essential purpose is maximizing return on investment (ROI) while avoiding risks. Many businesses and equipment managers are talking about asset management. It promises a methodical approach to managing, enhancing, and […]
  1. Asset Management
The asset management industry is becoming increasingly vital for companies to optimize their asset management techniques to stay competitive. As asset management technology progresses, so do the techniques and strategies used to maximize profits and optimize asset management. Here, we will look at the top five asset management optimization techniques in 2023. We will discuss […]
  1. ITSM
  2. DEX
  3. Good Reads
It is no secret that the pandemic has greatly accelerated the need for digital transformation, and workplace technology is no exception. Meanwhile, the overarching move to omnichannel and digital-first approaches has dramatically reset employee needs. Furthermore, as we continue to move toward a modern world of hybrid working, organizations must optimize their employee experience (EX) […]
  1. Good Reads
  2. Service Level Agreement
Whatever service you provide to customers—financial, SaaS, IT support, staffing, consulting, etc.—you need the appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) to build trust. However, many claim that if people trust one another, why do they need a written agreement, and who will read it anyhow? While it’s true that no one likes to read a formal […]
  1. Good Reads
  2. IT Budget
  3. IT Planning
Whether you are a small non-profit business owner or an enterprise-level manufacturer, you need technology to operate. Additionally, it has become a necessary tool that directly impacts your company’s success. While technology has been a focal point for businesses, IT budgets need to shift from a project-to-project execution approach to one that is capacity-based and […]