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iot devices

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It is the time of the year when we revisit our carefully written 2024 New Year resolutions list and frown at how we could not stick to it religiously. Letting the everyday demands of life and work get in its way. It isn’t amusing to realize we are not committed to our boldly written, heartfelt […]
  1. IoT Devices
  2. ITOps
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IoT has transformed our digitally interconnected world. It has redefined how we interact with technology, data, and surroundings. Whether it’s industrial sensors or other IoT devices, they have initiated a new era characterized by convenience and data-driven decision-making. As these devices seamlessly integrate into many industries, the demand for productive IoT device management has become […]
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Historically, IT departments in enterprises have managed centralized data centers. All data would funnel into these hubs to be processed, analyzed, and stored. But, with the rapid deployment of IoT devices, such a centralized approach becomes less feasible. Transmitting vast amounts of data from geographically dispersed devices to a central location introduces latency, costs, and […]