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Author: Ganesh Prabhakaran S

  1. Helpdesk Software
Are you looking for a Freshservice competitor or alternatives?  Look over and compare the list of the best helpdesk solutions that offer similar features at the most affordable prices. Automate your business operations by selecting the top Freshservice competitor that can meet your organization’s requirements. Related blog: Best Lansweeper Alternatives and Competitors in 2023 Freshservice […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Asset Tracking
  3. Fixed Asset Management
As businesses grow, fixed asset tracking becomes increasingly important and complex. As a result, fixed asset tracking is a crucial aspect of managing business assets. These assets, which include equipment, vehicles, and other tangible items, are often significant investments for companies, and their value must be accurately recorded and monitored over time. There are many […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Video Blogs
The asset management industry has grown significantly in recent years, driven in part by the need to keep pace with the competition and, in part, to meet evolving customer needs. As a result, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to ensure their assets are well-managed and protected against potential risks. This article will discuss the […]
  1. ITOps
SaaS is a cloud-based software licensing model that allows access to data from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. SaaS operations consist of minimizing the cost of unused SaaS products and maximizing their use. Across industries, software as a service has become a more viable option due to its functionality, accessibility, […]
  1. Asset Management
The rapid growth and adoption of technology have transformed the way businesses operate. As businesses continue to evolve, so do the IT assets they use. Companies need to manage their IT assets and plan for the future to remain competitive. This article will discuss the importance of strategic IT asset management planning, its benefits,  and […]
  1. Zero Trust Network Access
What is Zero Trust Network Access? With a global workforce rapidly shifting to remote work, organizations have had to adopt new solutions that can ensure secure access to their corporate resources. One such solution is Zero Trust Remote Access (ZTRA) – an increasingly popular security strategy designed to safeguard employee activity and protect confidential data […]
  1. Incident Management
  2. ITSM
Software programs known as incident management solutions assist organizations in managing occurrences, tracking and monitoring incident response activity, and evaluating the performance of their incident response teams. They are crucial to any organization’s incident response strategy and can aid teams in coordinating their efforts, getting in touch with key stakeholders, and preserving their work. To […]
  1. IT Service Management
  2. Good Reads
  3. Incident Response
Incident response is a critical component of every comprehensive security program. Knowing how to respond appropriately to security incidents is essential for any organization. This article will discuss the six phases of incident response and how they can help organizations better protect their networks and data from security threats.  Each phase of the incident response […]
  1. Good Reads
  2. ITIL Software
  3. ITSM
  4. Problem Management
A robust IT service should include the ITIL problem management process since it is crucial for the long-term supply of services. Understanding the ITIL problem management process flow is vital to any organization when numerous events coincide or the same incident occurs multiple times.  When incidents occur, productivity is hampered, and prompt solutions are offered, […]