Author: Ganesh Prabhakaran S

  1. IT Service Management
  2. ITSM
ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is an industry standard for IT service management, and it has become the go-to framework for organizations that need to manage their IT services. One of the critical components of ITIL is the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS). An SKMS is a comprehensive repository of all the information related to […]
  1. Customer Service
  2. Service Desk
In today’s digital world, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to provide an effective customer service experience. The ability to customize the service desk experience in Jira Service Management is critical for any organization looking to create a customer-centric service experience. This article will provide an overview of how Jira Service Management can be […]
  1. ITOps
Whether you are a growing startup optimizing your supply chain or a multinational corporation improving cross-team collaboration and project management, information technology (IT) can play an essential role in creating lean and efficient business operations. By automating particular tasks, it can assist you in accelerating workflow processes by reducing or eliminating delays and redundancies. Related […]
  1. CMMS
  2. Solutions
Technology developments over the previous few decades have fundamentally altered the maintenance and dependability sector. Businesses have substantially invested in automation and technology to decrease employee overhead, enhance product quality, and boost safety. A business must spend an excess of time and money implementing a CMMS.  Utilizing a CMMS to manage your maintenance operations creates […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Infraon Assets
As a healthcare organization owner, you may often deal with issues in locating the right medical equipment, whether for an emergency, regular use, or maintenance. At the same time, from overbuying assets, such as medical devices and supplies, to replacing equipment that still has life, many hospital administrators are spending more than necessary on clinical […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. Editor's choice
  3. Infraon Assets
The use of technology in modern healthcare has greatly improved people’s lives. More than 1800 different types of medical devices are thought to be in use, according to data from the National Center for Biomedical Information. Asset tracking in the healthcare industry is evolving. Through 2022, the cutting-edge tools that allowed hospitals to track the […]
  1. Infraon Assets
It is always essential to make sure all your assets and inventory records are accurate and up-to-date. But, the rapid increase of technology such as mobile devices and assets-on-the-go used both within and outside of the office made the asset management process complex. However, with the help of spreadsheets and on-premise solutions, you can manually […]
  1. Infraon Assets
As a key decision maker in a healthcare organization, you have to deal with a lot of expensive assets to deliver quality care on a daily basis. From ECG equipment and pacemakers to MRI machines and laboratory microscopes, all these assets can impact the way your doctor/nurse/physician assistant provides the treatment. But how do you […]
  1. Infraon Assets
IT asset management (ITAM) is a strategic process that encompasses the proactive and reactive management of an organization’s physical, virtual, and cloud-based information technology assets. ITAM aims to optimize the cost, performance, and security of an organization’s IT infrastructure while maximizing its return on investment (ROI). To achieve these objectives, ITAM programs must be designed […]
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