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Service Catalogue Management

Foster operational efficiency with codeless service cataloging features

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Enable Full Service Reliability With An ITSM Service Catalog

Infraon ITSM incubates a service-driven culture with powerful service catalogue management workflows to accelerate request creation and fulfilment. Use an intelligent service portal to maximize the efficiency and availability of service catalogue items.

Key Feature

Codeless Creation

Authorize users to harness a lightweight & codeless platform feature to create new service requests based on their unique needs.

Service Portal

Give users access to an integrated & simplified service portal equipped with granular data insights to improve decision-making.

Automated Incident Management

Adopt a resolution-focused Incident management strategy by mapping service data to details of incidents.

Wish Listing

Make sure that users can keep business-critical service catalogue items on standby by adding them on to a drag-&-drop wish list.

Other Features

  • User-friendly Dashboards

  • Catalogue Validation

  • Catalogue Reports

  • Catalogue Alerts & Notifications