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What is ITSM for IT Services Companies?

Infraon ITSM is a Gen AI-powered IT Service Management solution tailored to the dynamic needs of the IT services sector.

It streamlines service delivery, incident management, and operational efficiency, ensuring IT services companies can deliver exceptional customer service while optimizing their internal processes.

hardware asset management
hardware asset management

What does ITSM do for IT Services?

Infraon ITSM transforms the way IT service providers manage their operations. From incident resolution to asset management, it offers an end-to-end platform for enhancing service delivery, managing workflows and delivering high customer satisfaction.

This solution is critical for IT services looking to improve response times, streamline processes, and offer top-tier service quality.

Key Benefits of ITSM for IT Services

Enhanced Service Delivery

Infraon ITSM's real-time tracking and management capabilities ensure prompt and seamless service delivery. This approach ensures higher user satisfaction – thereby also significantly increasing technology adoption and improving collaboration.

Automated Workflows

Infraon ITSM streamlines service management processes with automated workflows, thereby reducing the time and effort required for IT services operations.

This streamlining leads to more agile and responsive IT service delivery.

Cost Optimization

By providing detailed insights into service delivery and resource utilization, Infraon ITSM helps in reducing operational costs.

This can also have a major impact on enhancing budgeting capabilities and maximizing returns on IT investments.

Reporting and Compliance

Infraon ITSM simplifies the ability to adhere to compliance as far as industry standards and SLAs are concerned.

It comes with a robust tracking and reporting feature that helps stay aligned with regulatory requirements and maintain high standards in service delivery.


Infraon ITSM is designed to grow with your user needs while keeping the business adaptable to evolving market trends. This scalability provides long-term reliability in service delivery.

Using Infraon ITSM for IT Services

Incident Management

Infraon ITSM's incident management feature is crucial for rapidly identifying, analyzing, and resolving IT incidents, minimizing downtime and service disruptions. This can go a long way in maintaining high service quality across the IT services sector.

Request Management

Infraon ITSM streamlines the handling of service requests, ensuring they are addressed efficiently and effectively. This feature helps boost user satisfaction and optimize workflow management in IT services.

Change Management

Infraon ITSM enables a controlled and systematic handling of all changes in an IT environment, reducing the risk of unintended service disruptions. This feature plays a key role in maintaining stability while implementing new services or updates.

Release Management

Infraon ITSM’s release management capabilities ensure the smooth rollout of new software releases for keeping IT services up-to-date and secure. This is important for managing complex IT infrastructures and meeting evolving business needs.

IT Asset Management

Infraon ITSM provides comprehensive management of IT assets, ensuring optimal utilization and lifecycle tracking. This functionality drives more cost efficiency and better strategic planning, allowing for better resource allocation as well.

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