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Integrated IT service management software for better IT performance

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IT Service Management can be a harsh reality for enterprises

The lack of integrated ITSM capabilities has been a harsh reality for enterprises. Often, DevOps, IT, and business teams are sent on a wild goose chase, with no micro or macro insights in hand, while dealing with IT service issues.

Without the right AI-powered, collaborative tools, employees and customers alike will receive sub-par and siloed experiences.

Is your ITSM team affected by these 3 challenges?

Too much traning

69% of service desk executives receive additional training for 10 to 40 hours every year.

Lack of tools

Across 255 million annual contacts, 10% are intercepted by analytics, 15% through self-service & 14% by automation.

Remote pressures

By 2024, in-person meetings will shrink from about 60% of enterprise meetings to just 25%.

Ineffective ITSM tools cause service performance to fall flat

While many ITSM tools make impressive claims, the ground reality is multiple teams find them tremendously difficult to use. In the end, managing events, incidents, requests, changes, SLAs, etc., gives more headaches than answers.

  • Deploying ITSM tools is a stressful & expensive journey with unexpectedly high hiring & training costs.

  • Your service desk is slow & inconsistent due to multi-team dependencies – hurt by the lack of collaboration.

  • Agents & business users can’t seem to keep up with SLAs – hindered by poor tool experiences.

  • The IT service ecosystem is reactive rather than proactive – leading to ineffective monitoring.

Deploy a ready-to-use ITIL v.4-aligned service desk platform without requiring internal or external engineers.

Use a drag-and-drop workflow automation tool with self-service options to make life simpler for employees & customers.

Bring fully integrated collaborative functionalities to synchronize DevOps, IT/business teams & vendors.

Ensure single-click resolution for over 80% of tickets & proactively manage the IT service ecosystem.

A low-code, collaborative platform to reach your ITSM peak performance

Infraon ITSM is an integrated Pink Elephant-certified platform that unifies multiple IT/business teams to streamline and accelerate the IT service management lifecycle. With inbuilt real-time event detection & ticket management, Infraon ITSM offers a single dashboard to manage all omnichannel service processes. Use a self-service portal and codeless service catalogue to deliver ITSM excellence.

How we helped a leading Indian ISP to unify how they manage IT service tickets

  • Managing 1000s of links provided to enterprise customers.

  • Scale of about 5K nodes across 4 locations

  • ​Integrated ITSM for central ticket management

Minimize go-live
time by 45%.

Reduce the
resolution time by
a minimum 30%.

Improve inter-team
communication &

Other Features

  • Automate changes & releases for faster rollout with auto-ticket assignment & SME discovery

  • Enable custom service cataloging to accelerate request creation & fulfillment

  • Track & resolve multi-department issues – with 24X7 omnichannel support

  • Unearth macro & micro insights on user behavior – equipped with an AI-led knowledge base

  • Rapidly connect with external APIs to harness out-of-the-box functionalities

Man pointing features of Infraon

Bring together DevOps, IT, business
teams, vendors & customers

Get A Fully Integrated IT Service Management Platform

Infraon ITSM is an integrated platform to support your entire IT Service Management journey. It has the rare distinction of being certified as ITILv3 compatible for 13 processes by Pink Elephant. You don’t need to make hefty investments to get a world-class ITSM “super manager” with a unified service catalogue to meet all your unique business needs.

ITSM Workflow Configuration
Infraon ITSM Capabilities

Unleash The Power Of Unified Service Capabilities

Infraon ITSM equips your DevOps, IT, and business teams with workflow automation to respond to incidents or other issues 24X7. No more ineffective problem management - eliminate service siloes and achieve time-to-value with a user-friendly ITSM dashboard. Our clients attest that over 80% of tickets are resolved by agents in just a single click!

Do The Math: AI + ITSM = Agility & Speed

Infraon ITSM is a future-proofed platform - powered by the latest AI technologies. You can automate repetitive tasks to improve workforce productivity, enable change management and SLA management, deploy self-service portal, and more with AI/ML power. Drive human-bot conversations with NLP while connecting with new APIs to get out-of-the-box functionalities.

Compliance badge

Do more with ITSM than ever before

Create a culture of continuous asset efficiency

Be vendor-agnostic to avoid oversights & set KPIs

Go beyond traditional IT support with an integrated and robust ITSM system

Handle requisitions, replacement & retirement

Get easy access to propriety Network Management, ITSM, and ITIM tools under the Infraon umbrella

Our Product Suite is GDPR-Compliant

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and
our SaaS-based product suite is fully committed to protecting the data of our customers
as per the recent standards.

Your peace of mind is our utmost priority

  • Utilize end-to-end asset management - IT & fixed assets

  • Establish intelligent incident allocation to better manage incidents

  • Implement integrated AI-based chatbots for L1 replacement

  • Leverage multi-language support to boost ITSM efficiency across the globe

  • Get easy access to propriety IT & Non-IT Asset Management, AIOps, and ITIM tools under the Infraon umbrella

Dashboards and reports for IT, Hardware, and Software Assets


IT Service Management (ITSM) tool helps the IT operations teams, specifically infrastructure and operations (I&O) managers. These tools enable better support for the production environment. They facilitate tasks and workflows associated with managing and delivering quality IT services. These tools also help the IT leaders standardize processes and service deliveries to help keep track of everything their IT service team does.

ITSM helps standardize processes with the help of a more structured documentation system. It helps reduce IT costs by building a predictive model to reduce mishaps. These tools also help mitigate various risks, such as financial cost control and improve governance. These tools help uncover actionable IT insights to assist in decision-making for the management.

ITSM processes are necessary to gauge the service’s capabilities, performance level, and whether it requires any changes. Setting up management of IT service processes enables companies to improve the quality of service, find ways to do cost-cutting, adherence to KPIs (key performance indicators), ensure greater compliance, and more. A robust ITSM framework will ensure that the testing, release, and verification of any changes to the IT environment are done effortlessly in an agile software deployment cycle.

The most crucial ITSM processes are - service level management, change management, release management, incident management, availability management, capacity management, project management, finance management, and problem management. A robust ITSM framework will ensure that the company does not deviate from the SLA (service level agreement contract with the client) and pay penalties. Any kind of disruption of service is detected and resolved soon.

Infraon ITSM is an integrated platform to support the client’s entire IT Service Management journey. It has the rare distinction of being certified as ITILv3 compatible for 13 processes by Pink Elephant. It is cost-effective, and the client does not have to spend a lot of money to deploy it. Since Infraon ITSM is a future-proofed platform powered by the latest AI technologies, the system will find opportunities to automate repetitive tasks and improve workforce productivity.