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Network Discovery

Automate the network discovery process with mapping & visualization features

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Drive More Device Efficiency With Automated Network Discovery

Infraon NMS provides an intelligent network discovery tool for monitoring, mapping, and visualizing the impact of network devices. Drive more discovery efficiency by automatically gathering extensive data on network inventory.

Feature Highlights

Discovery Profile Management

Thoroughly scan your network ecosystem to unearth valuable insights about IT & non-IT devices based on profile information.

Discovery Rule Engine

Use predefined rules to discover network devices - avoiding time-consuming workflows associated with network discovery.

Discovery Schedule Management

Periodically schedule all your network discovery tasks to identify new devices - as and when they are added.

Advanced Reporting

Get reports on IT & non-IT devices – based on number, type, profile, etc. - to optimize network monitoring & performance.

Other Features

  • Network Discovery Templates

  • Network Topology

  • Advanced Network Mapping

  • Network Inventory Management

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Custom Alerts