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Network Inventory Management (NIM)

Manage all your end-to-end network inventory with one-stop-shop NIM features

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Unify Device Lifecycles With Network Inventory Management

Infraon NMS streamlines and de-risks multi-vendor network inventory management with a single source of truth for device-related insights. Improve auditing/budgeting and maximize network infrastructure ROI.

Feature Highlights

Network Planning Optimization

Enhance your network capacity planning, from onboarding to end-of-life, with a full view of IT & non-IT inventory. Use automated workflows to speed up the planning process.

Network Configuration Management

Eliminate long-drawn configuration processes & organize/update/search network device information. Categorize them based on filters that suit your unique requirements.

Real-Time Device Tracking

Get an integrated tool that allows you to track your IT & non-IT network devices, no matter the vendor, in real-time. Quickly improve your decision-making abilities.

Customizable Reporting

Take control of the moving parts of your network inventory lifecycle with customizable reports that offer insights on network devices.

Other Features

  • Automated Inventory Scanning

  • Network Topology

  • Network Discovery

  • Integrated Ticket Monitoring